Five Ways to Revive Spotify on Apple Watch

1. Software Updates 

It’s great if you start by upgrading both your Apple Watch and Spotify application. After it all has been upgraded, try reconnecting the Apple Watch and reinstalling the Spotify program.

Follow these procedures to directly upgrade your Apple Watch:

  • On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch application.
  • Select the ‘My Device’ option.
  • To update your firmware, go to Settings > System Update.
  • Download the most recent patch for your wristwatch. 

Follow these steps to upgrade the Spotify software:

  • Scroll to the end of the App Store.
  • Go to Profile > Updates to see what’s new.
  • Look for the Spotify app. If a patch is ready, you’ll see an upgrade button beside the application.
  • Toggle the switch to upgrade. And then the procedure will begin.

2. Establish Internet Connection 

Your watch and your iPhone should be linked to the same internet connection. Your Spotify software will not operate on your wristwatch if it is not linked. Double-check that both components are connected to the same wireless network, and then attempt once more to see whether Spotify operates.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity 

Your Spotify software will not function as expected when you’re not linked to Bluetooth. Slide up from the bottom to switch on Bluetooth and make sure the connection symbol is displayed in blue. Then, go to options and Bluetooth on your iPhone to double-check that your wristwatch has been linked.

4. Reboot the App

If the Spotify app is stuck, another option is to forcibly stop it. To do so, press and hold the power key on your Apple Watch until the shut-down display appears. Hold the Digital DIal key until the application closes after it appears.

You should relaunch the programme when it has effectively shut down to determine whether it is operating properly. This procedure can eliminate any inexplicable issues and enable you to restart the program from scratch.

5. Restart the Watch 

If forcing the application to close does not help, you may need to reboot your Apple Watch fully. You will be able to close all active applications and issues that may be interfering with the Spotify application by doing so.

Tap and hold the power button and the Digital Headpiece for at least 10 seconds to reset, then drop both as quickly as the Apple logo displays. Revisit Spotify and attempt afresh after your Apple Watch has been reloaded.

Are you experiencing problems using your Apple Watch to listen to Spotify? Have you noticed that Spotify has quit functioning on your Apple Watch and you’re not sure why?

Whereas most individuals are used to removing and restarting an app when it stops working, there is more to Apple smartwatches and the application than that.

Apple Watch and Spotify are thought to be a perfect fit, particularly if you have Spotify’s full paid membership. When you utilize your Spotify profile on the wristwatch, you can acquire audiobooks and music and have them displayed even if you aren’t near your iPhone.

When Apple Watch and Spotify aren’t working, though, it’s less than ideal.

Is Spotify Available for the Apple Watch? 

Premium Spotify members have been able to save their favourite tracks, audiobooks, and music to listen to while their wristwatch is not connected to their phone since May 2021.

It’s worth noting, though, that if you have a free Spotify membership, your iPhone must always be accessible when using Spotify via your wristwatch. Since having a free Spotify subscription isn’t enough, yet all an Apple Watch could do is control music playing via the iPhone.

If you want to connect to Spotify on your iPhone without owning an iPhone, you’ll need to upgrade to Spotify premium.

Why is it not Working? 

If you’re having problems using Spotify on your wristwatch, it might be due to an internet connection problem, a programming error, or anything else unexpected. 

  • When trying to navigate, pause, fast forward, or play any podcasts from your Apple Watch, there are no options.
  • Spotify has not been able to establish a connection.
  • Spotify Premium subscriptions do not allow music to play to linked earphones.

Irrespective of how or why this is occurring, there are a few debugging actions you can do to make the Spotify application functioning correctly again.

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