For real-time player monitoring, Firstbeat has released a sports sensor and app

This week, Firstbeat introduced a sports sensor and iPad software for tracking team sports. Suunto Movesense technology is used in the next-generation solution to give a variety of parameters.

The wearable is made to give coaches access to real-time performance information for their teams. It takes the shape of a sensor that a player wears around their chest in a manner akin to a heart rate strap. Data can be gathered in a variety of settings, including on-field training and rehabilitation sessions in a gym.

For real-time monitoring, Firstbeat has released a sports sensor and an app.

The device combines Heart Rate Variability monitoring software from Firstbeat with Suunto Movesense sensors. The wearable eliminates the need for a receiver or laptop during sessions thanks to on-board memory and an embedded processor. Through an iPad app, coaches and performance staff can examine data from many athletes in real-time or after a session.

For the first time, real-time TRIMP/min is included together with important load and intensity data. Training Impulse, or TRIMP, is a single-digit computation that accounts for the time and intensity of training in order to gauge the strain placed on an athlete.

For real-time monitoring, Firstbeat has released a sports sensor and an app.

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According to Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Director of Sports Performance Products at Firstbeat, “We work with over 1,000 elite teams and take pride in providing physiological insights that give coaches, sports scientists, and players the confidence to make the right decisions in pursuit of optimized performance and recovery.”

Accessing these insights is now simpler than ever thanks to the new solution, whether doing so while practicing or doing post-analysis.

The Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live App are currently available for pre-order. Visit for additional information.

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