Fossil Gen 5 watches can now make iPhone calls thanks to a software update.

Fossil Gen 5 watches can now make iPhone calls thanks to a software update.

The Generation 5 smartwatches from Fossil are becoming a little smarter. They may now initiate and take phone calls when linked to an iPhone thanks to a new software update that is already making the rounds.

Calls can be placed and received on Android phones using Wear OS watches, however, Apple phones have very little functionality. It truly concludes by informing you of an incoming call.

On its Gen 5 smartwatches, however, Fossil has figured out how to support iPhone calls. They can accomplish this for the first time among Wear OS watches thanks to this.

The fifth-generation Carlyle HR and Julianna HR from Fossil were introduced in August. They have a built-in speaker, the Snapdragon 3100 processor, more storage, and longer battery life thanks to smart battery modes.

Software upgrades are being implemented progressively. If the PWDU.190829.018 doesn’t appear, you might need to click check for updates several times to confirm that it has affected your country. A device restart might be beneficial.

You’ll be prompted to use the calling function after the software upgrades are complete and the watch restarts. The call UI has also been altered, as you will see.

A few Reddit users have reported longer battery life and a more reliable Bluetooth connection. When using an Android phone, the upgrade also seems to enhance calls.

The functionality is a pleasant improvement that is exclusive to watches from the fifth generation of the Fossil Group. The operation of the software has not yet been officially announced. However, as it depends on exclusive Fossil software, don’t expect to see this on other Wear OS devices.

You must pay USD 295 for Carlyle HR and Julianna HR. They are available for purchase on Amazon or the company website.

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