Fossil is getting ready to debut the latest generation of the hybrid Emporio Armani watch

Even though we may be anxiously waiting for Generation 6 Fossil watches, it is possible that we will receive another hybrid watch from Emporio Armani before they release them.

This is in accordance with a new file that was published yesterday on the website of the Bluetooth SIG. It is for a Bluetooth hybrid watch that goes by the name NDW5E1, and it has been given this designation.

The fact that the corporation adheres to a consistent name practice is one of the many strengths of the organization. The letter that is located at the conclusion of the name denotes the sub-brand; in this example, it is Emporio Armani. The subsequent digit serves as a marker for the specific number in that series.

In order to facilitate comparisons, the Emporio Armani Connected hybrid was designated as the NDW4E1. In October of 2016, the first watch in this series was made available to the public. Notifications, simple activity and sleep monitoring, the ability to manage your music and alarms, smartphone camera control, and the ability to locate a misplaced item are some of the smart technologies that are offered with the Connected range of products (for smartphones).

The watch is powered by a battery the size of a penny, which can be charged. The watch is water resistant up to 3 ATM, and it has a secondary dial that displays the progress of the activity monitoring. The initial attempt was successful, but it is obvious that more development is required.

The Emporio Armani Connected platform’s next generation hybrid.

The Bluetooth SIG listing does not provide a great deal of information. The only piece of concrete information is that the hybrid will come equipped with Bluetooth 5.1.

The website of the FCC is where we should go if we want any further hints about what to anticipate happening. A piece of equipment that goes by the moniker NDW5F1 was introduced by the US regulator one month ago. That watch is unmistakably a Fossil, but it is a member of the hybrid collection designed by Emporio Armani, as indicated by the NDW5 designation.

We have more information on that one, and it is realistic to anticipate that the Emporio Armani watch will be rather comparable to it. In accordance with the information provided by the FCC, the Fossil watch will be powered by a CR2430 3V battery. Depending on the watch’s specifications, the battery should be able to power it for at least half a year.

The picture of the label shows that the gadget is water-resistant up to 5 ATM, which is a positive change. However, it does not seem that the device will contain a heart rate sensor, which is a bit of a letdown. So you can anticipate the same old step tracking, distance, and calorie burn with not much new to look forward to.

If you go to the website for Emporio Armani, you will see that all of the hybrids in the brand’s collection are presently unavailable to purchase. This, in conjunction with the inclusion of Bluetooth, is a strong indication that the next generation should be arriving very soon.

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