Fossil is Releasing a Limited-Edition Gen 6 Gamers Watch in Collaboration with RAZER

Fossil is Releasing a Limited-Edition Gen 6 Gamers Watch in Collaboration with RAZER

RAZER and Fossil have collaborated on a limited-edition Gen 6 smartwatch that Fossil describes as being “for the next generation of gamers.” Additionally, the business said at CES 2022 that it would be releasing the brand-new Skagen Falster.

The American designer and maker of accessories have produced a large number of smartwatches during the course of its history. In spite of this, it has only distributed a few Gen 6 watches over the course of the past year. The reasons behind the fairly slow 12 months are not dissimilar to the challenges that are impacting other manufacturers of smartwatches. These challenges include the pandemic, energy limitations in certain Asian nations, and chip shortages. For the companies that create smartwatches, 2018 was not an easy year.

We anticipated that Fossil would make some announcements regarding their upcoming products while they are exhibiting at CES 2022. One of these is recent information regarding a watch that the company has developed in collaboration with RAZER. For those unaware, RAZER is widely regarded as the most successful gaming gear brand in the United States of America, Europe, and China. It first opened its doors in 2005, and there are currently 18 offices located across the globe. The other piece of news is that the Skagen Falster will be available in a Generation 6 edition.

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A gaming and fitness-focused smartwatch co-created by Fossil and RAZER

There is a good chance that there will be a lot of demand for a Fossil x RAZER smartwatch for gaming and fitness. RAZER is a company that offers a wide variety of devices for gamers, including laptops, tablets, and PC accessories. Even though it comes with a smartwatch and smart bracelet, it has not been very well received by consumers. It’s possible that this is the reason why the corporation decided to form a partnership with a well-established competitor in this market field.

Regarding technical specifications, the Fossil x RAZER is a WearOS Generation 6 watch. This indicates that it is equipped with a fast 4100+ Qualcomm CPU, support for Bluetooth 5.0, heart rate tracking that is more accurate than that of Fossil Gen 5 watches, a SpO2 sensor, and rapid charging.

The watch is more or less an exercise in branding and a redesign of the existing product range than it is an actual product in and of itself. The software modifications that the gadget would need to support gaming are not mentioned anywhere. However, you get some unique design elements, such as three distinct Razer watch functions, analog, Team Razer, and Chroma, three different watch faces, and replaceable straps, including Razer’s signature black and green colors.

Starting on the 10th of January, you will be able to acquire the limited-edition watch for the price of $329. Because there will only be 1,337 available, you should make sure you place your order as soon as possible. On the Fossil website, there is a holding page where you can indicate your interest in receiving updates.

Skagen Falster Gen 6 smartwatch

In addition to that, we have some information regarding the Gen 6 Skagen Falster. The flagship smartwatch of the Danish company receives a technological makeover that includes the Gen, as mentioned above, six specifications (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, altimeter, PPG heart rate, SpO2, off-body IR, and ambient light).

It is expected that the improved health and Fitness sensors would make tracking one’s fitness a more enjoyable experience. In addition, the Skagen Falster features a faster charging battery and intelligent battery settings.

Since the design of the 3 ATM-rated devices has been preserved, most of the upgrades are to the device’s internals. WearOS 2.0 is pre-installed on the watch when it is purchased, but the watch will be able to be upgraded to WearOS 3.0 after the release of the newest version of Wear OS later this year. The operating system should ideally continue functioning normally thanks to the 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space.

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The new Falster Gen 6 may be purchased starting today at the price of $295. It has a color touchscreen display that is 1.28 inches in size and is housed in a 41mm case that comes in five different designs. You can choose a casing in a silver-tone, charcoal, or black color and pair it with a strap made from the brand’s stainless steel mesh, silicone, or leather. All of these have a button that can rotate to access the home screen and two push buttons that may be customized.

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