Fossil watches from previous generations now come equipped with power-saving features

As of right now, Fossil is updating the software on its older generations of watches so that they can take advantage of the new battery saving modes that were launched in 2019.

 It is common knowledge that Wear OS watches have a notoriously short battery life. With the launch of the fifth generation of Fossil watches in August 2019, the firm began implementing what it refers to as “smart battery modes,” which are designed to extend the life of the watches’ batteries.

The timepieces can keep ticking in their normal mode for approximately one day. If you turn on the intelligent battery modes, they will assist you in extending the amount of time that your battery will last for several days. Users can still take advantage of essential functions such as notifications and heart rate monitoring, despite the fact that this capability is obviously restricted.

There is a Daily Mode, an Extended Mode, a Custom Mode, and a Time-Only Mode included in these four settings. The first of them operates correctly, with the majority of its features enabled. The second switch turns off all radios with the exception of Bluetooth. The third gives consumers the ability to select which functions they want to disable. Since the fourth mode turns off WearOS completely, it is best to use it when the battery life on your Wear device is getting dangerously low.

The company has already announced a couple of months ago that similar functionality will be coming to select smartphones from earlier generations. It has lived up to its word, and a software update that is available as of today will bring the power saver settings to all of the Fossil watches that are equipped with a Snapdragon Wear 3100 engine. The Fossil Sport, the Skagen Falster 2 (despite having a 2100 chip), the Kate Spade Scallop Sport, the Diesel Axial, the Puma Smartwatch, and the Michael Kors MKGO are all included in this category.

The CES 2020 will be attended by Fossil. Even though the formal start of the Las Vegas event isn’t until later today, we’ve already got word on the upcoming Diesel On Fadelite. Additionally, it will benefit from having its software brought up to date. This watch runs on Wear OS and features all of the usual Fossil Group Gen 5 smarts, but it has a really distinctive see-through design that sets it apart from other watches. Within the next several days, we will most likely receive information regarding further new Fossil Group watches.

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