Galaxy Watch 2 VS Galaxy Watch 3 Which one is better

Galaxy Watch 2 VS Galaxy Watch 3 Which one is better

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are two of the company’s most recent products. The Galaxy Watch Active2, which was released in August 2019, is Samsung’s cheapest watch. However, many people are wondering how similar the Galaxy Watch 3 is and whether it’s worth upgrading.

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Galaxy Watch Design

 The Active 2 is the smaller of the two watches, even though there truly could be very little in it. It is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes as compared to the 41mm and 45mm supplied with the aid of using the Galaxy Watch 3. Those fashions are a long way nearer in length than preceding smartwatches from Samsung have been. It’s now no longer a terrible thing. Galaxy Watch 2 vs Galaxy Watch 3 Both fashions provide navigation thru buttons. However, at the Active 2 Watch, those are flushers providing a greater streamlined and sleeker look.

 Both watches provide the nice show you’ll anticipate from a producer like Samsung; the 360 x 360 decision is sharp, bold, and colorful. The most important distinction is the bezel. 

Galaxy Active 2 has a touch-touchy bezel making it smaller and lighter. The Galaxy Watch 3, however, gives a rotating bezel which makes it a bit large and heavier.

Galaxy Watch Materials 

The Active2 is a chunky but lightweight watch and is derived from aluminum or stainless steel. The Galaxy Watch 3 is the handiest to be had in stainless steel. 

The Active2 is available in gold and black in all length options, even as the watch three is to be had in silver or black withinside the large length and bronze or silver withinside the smaller length. This one honestly is right down to private choice as there honestly isn’t very tons to select among the two

Water resistance

 Both fashions have a water resistant score of 5ATM, this means that in case you are searching outan eye appropriate for swims as much as 50m or showering, each provide the equal features. There honestly is not anything to select among the 2 fashion with regards to water resistant

Smartwatch Features 

Both the Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3 can make calls and download apps (if you have the LTE version). This implies that, when combined with the fact that both have plenty of RAM, you’ll have a pleasant user experience. However, the Active 2 only has 4GB of storage, compared to the Galaxy Watch 3’s 8GB.

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Health detection and smart features

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a few functions that the Active 2 does not, as you might expect from a little newer watch. It’s a little more sophisticated, with the ability to respond to messages with better pre-loaded responses.

The Active 2 actually outperforms the Galaxy Watch 3 when it comes to fitness tracking. Its light weight makes it great for swimming, running, and HIIT workouts. The Galaxy Watch 3 is also a good watch, so it all depends on how important this feature is to you. Both models have accelerometers, GPS, and heart rate monitors, allowing you to measure your fitness around the clock, as well as stress tracking, guided breathing, and other motivational features

However, if you require more detailed information, the Active 2’s common sports mode provides automated activity identification. Is it possible that this feature will be added to the Galaxy Watch 3 via a software update? Samsung has hinted at certain upcoming additions, which might put the Galaxy Watch 3 up to par with the Active 2 in terms of fitness monitoring.

Both models contain blood pressure monitors, blood oxygen meters, and ECG sensors for better health.

If smartwatch features are important to you, the Galaxy Watch 3 is the way to go. If, on the other hand, fitness tracking is your top priority, the Active 2 is a no-brainer.


The two models diverge in a number of ways. They are, nonetheless, comparatively small. Personal preference is the deciding factor between the Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3. Your decision is probably influenced by the watch’s size and weight, as well as if you desire more fitness capabilities or smartwatch features. The Active 2, despite its age, is still a very popular model for a number of reasons.

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