Galaxy Watch VS Galaxy Watch 3 VS Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Detailed Comparison

Galaxy Watch VS Galaxy Watch 3 VS Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Detailed Comparison

When it became announced, Samsung skipped naming the Galaxy Watch 3’s smartwatch successor the “Galaxy Watch 2”. Not to be confused with our favorite Galaxy Watch Active 2. Galaxy Watch 3 had a brand new layout and strong fitness monitoring features, making it notably higher than the preceding model. 

Since then, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Watch 4. In this article, we evaluate the specs of the antique and new Galaxy Watches With every era of its smartwatches, Samsung has sought to distinguish itself from its competitors.

 Is there any development over what turned into arguably its great device?

Size And Shape Difference Of All models 

First, let’s speak about the sizes. The Galaxy Watch is available in 46mm and 42mm sizes, and the Galaxy Watch three is to be had in 45mm and 41mm sizes. As a result, in case you get a more modern Watch, it’ll be smaller for your wrist.

 There is a considerable distinction in length and weight between the Samsung Galaxy Watch three and its predecessor. Galaxy Watches in 46mm and 42mm sizes are available in silver and rose gold, respectively. You can select between a 45mm black or silver Watch three or a 41mm bronze or silver Watch three.

 Thanks to their interchangeable straps, those watches are all very versatile. Smaller Galaxy Watch 3 fashions use a 20mm strap, even as large ones have 22mm straps every of those watches has bodily buttons at the aspect in addition to a touchscreen display. With Samsung’s rotating bezel, the Galaxy Watch three has a far greater subdued.

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Galaxy Watch 4 

For the Galaxy Watch 4, there are two sizes. You will spend around less on Bluetooth and more on LTE with the smaller 40mm variant. Those looking for a larger watch can get a 44mm. The Bluetooth model and the 4G model compete with one another. Because it is a replacement for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is significantly less expensive than the Galaxy Watch 3.

If you opt for an eye with a rotating bezel, you may also need to purchase the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.


Its smartwatch shows have continuously been among the first-class in the market. There is an AMOLED show on both watches. With 1.2-inch screens, each of the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Watch is small. This version comes with a 1.4-inch show, which replaces the 1.3-inch show in the preceding version. 

Overall overall performance must be similar. Waterproof to 5ATM, all of the variations may be used for swimming and for monitoring your swims. A smaller, lighter, and thinner Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3 is smaller, thinner, and stylish


Samsung’s Tizen OS nevertheless powers watch software program that works with both Android and iPhones. The former is preferable, mainly if it’s far from a Samsung phone. In an evaluation of the Galaxy Watch 2, the Galaxy Watch three has 1.5GB of RAM as opposed to 1GB/768MB. We’ve elevated the outside garage area from 4GB to 8GB so that you can save extra apps, files, and music. 

Though the Samsung Galaxy Watch changed fast, the Watch three seems even faster. Both watches can acquire and reply to incoming messages and calls (if the usage of a 4G model).

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Galaxy Watch 4

The Watch four is powered by a Samsung Exynos W920 CPU and 1.5GB of RAM. This much power enables multiple programmes to run smoothly. The storage capacity of the two Galaxy Watch 4 variants is 16GB. Realistically, 8GB of the space is left over after accounting for apps, etc. The Galaxy Watch 4 is exceptional in terms of software.

Instead of using its proprietary Tizen wearables software, Samsung is re-embracing Google’s Wear OS with a unique twist. This stage in the scenario could seem confusing.

Samsung has focused its software development efforts on Tizen in recent years, and the Galaxy Watch 4 appears to use the same platform.


App help for the Galaxy Watch 3 is probable to be just like the Galaxy Watch. The app save at the watch offers you entry to to third-party apps and watch faces. With appreciation to look at faces, you’ve got many alternatives for customizing your most important face. The Galaxy Watch 3 has greater space than the Galaxy Watch 2, however the song functions are the same. Even in case you are leaving your phone at home, you could nevertheless concentrate on the song. 

That consists of offline Spotify aid, which remains to be had at the Galaxy Watch and the Watch three. From a smartwatch perspective, the 2 watches look very similar. The Galaxy Watch three appears to be able to deal with greater extensive obligations and impart a superior conversation experience for individuals who are concerned.

Samsung did not refer to the smartwatch replacement for the Galaxy Watch 3 as the “Galaxy Watch 2” when it was first introduced. Not to be mistaken with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is our favourite. The Galaxy Watch 3 was a big improvement over the previous model thanks to its redesigned look and powerful health tracking functions. Samsung has since unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4. We contrast the features of the previous and new Galaxy Watches in this post.

Samsung has worked to set itself apart from its rivals with every iteration of its smartwatches.

Exists a change from what was undoubtedly its best device?

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Sizes and Prices

Let’s start by discussing sizes. The Galaxy Watch is available in sizes 46mm and 42mm, while the Galaxy Watch 3 is offered in sizes 45mm and 41mm.

As a result, a modern Watch will fit your wrist more comfortably. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is larger and heavier than its predecessor, which is clearly evident.

The 42mm and 46mm Galaxy Watches come in silver and rose gold, respectively. A 41mm bronze or silver Watch 3 or a 45mm black or silver Watch 3 are your options. These watches are all incredibly adaptable because of their removable bands.

20mm straps are used on smaller Galaxy Watch 3 versions, whereas 22mm bands are used on bigger models.

These watches each include a touchscreen display and two physical side buttons.
The Galaxy Watch 3 looks considerably more understated thanks to Samsung’s rotating bezel. The Galaxy Watch is for you if you want a spinning bezel that is more prominent.

Regardless of whether you use the additional connectivity or not, the Galaxy Watch 3 will cost you significantly more than the original Galaxy Watch.

You can purchase the original Galaxy Watch for less than $180. The smaller variant also offers LTE for less than $260. It will cost slightly more if it is larger.

The smaller Bluetooth model is comparable in price to the original Galaxy Watch 3. The price of the bigger LTE model will be around $330.

Galaxy Watch 4

For the Galaxy Watch 4, there are two sizes. You will shell out roughly $250 for Bluetooth and more like $300 for LTE with the smaller 40mm version.

For roughly $280 if they select the Bluetooth version and about $330 if they select the 4G version, those interested in a bigger watch can get a 44mm model. Considering that this is a successor for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is significantly less expensive than the Galaxy Watch 3.

If a watch with a rotating bezel is what you want, you might want to choose the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Despite having a lot of the same specifications, this year’s product falls under a different line.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm has a Bluetooth model that costs about $350, and an LTE model that costs about $400. The 46mm model comes in two variations, one with Bluetooth and the other with LTE.

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It has regularly had of of the best smartwatch displays available. Both watches have an AMOLED display. Both the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Watch have diminutive 1.2-inch screens.

The 1.3-inch display from the previous generation has been replaced by a 1.4-inch display on this one. Performance as a whole ought to be comparable. All variants are waterproof to 5ATM and can be used to swim and track swims.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is a more compact, attractive Samsung smartwatch that is lighter and slimmer.

Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a tiny watch that fits comfortably on your wrist. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is an excellent option if you like something chunkier or with a rotating bezel.

There are only two buttons on the right edge of the smaller Galaxy Watch 4, eliminating any additional distractions from its svelte design. There is a 44 mm version in addition to the 40 mm version. Aluminum is used to create each variation. The dimensions and weights of models in the 40mm and 44mm ranges are 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm and 25.9g, respectively.

Both Galaxy Watch 4 models have brilliant displays that are easy to read, in our opinion. The resolution is also impressive, with the 44mm model having 450 x 450 pixels compared to the 40mm model’s 396 x 396 pixels. The pixel density for both variants is 330 pixels per inch.


Software for watches that functions with both Android and iPhones is still powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS. In particular, if it’s a Samsung phone, the former is preferred. The Galaxy Watch 3 features 1.5GB of RAM as opposed to the Galaxy Watch 2’s 1GB/768MB.

The external storage capacity has been extended from 4GB to 8GB so that you can store more music, files, and programmes. The Samsung Galaxy Watch was quick, but the Watch 3 appears to be much quicker.

Incoming messages and calls can be received by both watches, and they can respond (if using a 4G model).

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has many more capabilities than its predecessor, in addition to chat history, contextual message answers, and support. These capabilities might be added to the older Watch in the future.

Galaxy Watch 3

The Watch 3 is powered by a Samsung Exynos W920 CPU and 1.5GB of RAM. This amount of electricity enables smooth operation of a variety of applications.

The storage capacity of the two Galaxy Watch 4 variants is 16GB. Realistically, after accounting for apps, etc., you’ll have 8GB of room to play with.

Software-wise, the Galaxy Watch 4 performs superbly. Instead of using its own Tizen wearables software, Samsung is re-embracing Google’s Wear OS with a unique twist.

At this stage, the scenario could seem perplexing. The Galaxy Watch 4 appears to run on the same platform as Tizen, which has been the emphasis of Samsung’s software development in recent years.


The Galaxy Watch 3’s app support will probably be comparable to that of the Galaxy Watch.

You may access third-party apps and watch faces through the app store on the watch. You have a lot of options for personalizing your watch’s main face.

The music functions on the Galaxy Watch 3 are the same as those on the Galaxy Watch 2, despite the storage being larger. You may still hear music even if you leave your phone at home. That includes continued support for offline Spotify on the Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch.

The two watches look to be remarkably similar when viewed from the perspective of a smartwatch. For those who are concerned, the Galaxy Watch 3 appears to be better equipped to handle harder tasks and offer an improved communication experience.


In addition to health monitoring, Samsung is including greater severe fitness monitoring capabilities in its smartwatches. In addition to movement sensors and GPS for doors sports like jogging, maximum smartwatches have a coronary heart price screen that permits non-stop tracking of important symptoms and symptoms and capabilities together with strain monitoring, among different capabilities. Fitness monitoring, inclusive of sleep tracking, might be to be had 24/7 soon.

 Sports monitoring is a comparable story, even though the Galaxy Watch three guarantees greater capabilities for runners and domestic health fans. Samsung is including exercise packages that you may forge out of your phone and records from the Watch For runners, it gives records on jogging asymmetry and floor touch to assist enhance shape and technique. We’d be curious to peer how dependable the records are seeing that maximum sports activities watches require a foot pod for this. The Galaxy Watch three has an ECG sensor for fitness tracking.

 Similar sensors located in the more modern Apple Watches and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 can locate critical coronary heart conditions. Samsung, like Apple, should gain regulatory approval to allow this function. The FDA has accredited the function withinside the US, however, it could make an effort to turn out to be valuable. The Galaxy Watch three also can degree blood oxygen degrees and blood stress after calibrating with a devoted blood stress screen. That’s now no longer viable at the Galaxy Watch, and it calls for regulatory approval to apply out of doors of Korea. If you fee critical fitness tracking capabilities, the Galaxy Watch three seems to be the one.

 But for sports activities and health monitoring, they appear to be on par. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 has a user-friendly interface, and all of the apps you’ll discover at the Google Play Store are prepared and awaiting you. Despite being a higher answer than Tizen, the software program gives all of the brilliant capabilities of Tizen.

Galaxy Watch 4

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you could track your jogging distance with GPS, use 

The watch’s maximum widespread health development is its 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor, which measures coronary heartfee, blood oxygen levels, and frame composition. In this list, the handiest new characteristic is the very last one, and it’s the primary time the sensors were combined. With Samsung’s frame composition tools, customers can see essential health metrics like skeletal muscle tissues and frame fats percentage. 

To feature correctly, those scans have to be finished at the same time as you’re motionless. Among the fact supplied are your frame fats percentage, muscle tissues, fats mass, and frame water. 

These specific measures may be tough to degree accurately, however you could see whether or not they enhance over time Samsung’s programs quality with the heart rate monitor, despite the fact that third-party apps like Nike Running Club and Strava have comparable functionality as well. Comparing the GPS feature to the ones of different devices, it plays effectively.

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A Samsung smartwatch that lasts a week or greater continues to be a dream. Despite this, its smartwatches have an extended battery lifestyles than the Apple Watch and Google’s Wear OS smartwatches. Using the Samsung Galaxy Watch for every week with mild utilization and 24 hour GPS at the 46mm versions became promised. In our experience, it has become less. 

The 45mm Galaxy Watch three has a smaller battery than its predecessor, even as the 41mm Galaxy Watch three has a bigger battery than its predecessor. Samsung hasn’t distinct the battery lifestyles in days, however we anticipate it to be just like the preceding Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch 

The 361mAh battery withinside the 44mm Galaxy Watch four presents outstanding battery existence. Even with heavy use, you could count on the smartwatch to last as long as days, and in case you aren’t frequently using health features, you could count on it to last as long as3 days. The 40mm model has a smaller 247mAh battery, which we haven’t had the possibility to check yet. We’ve determined touch version in battery existence among the smaller and larger Samsung smartwatches withinside the beyond; however don’t expect the 40mm version to be tons different. 

The Galaxy Watch four’s battery existence isn’t a primary issue, however it isn’t the longest-lasting smartwatch we’ve ever seen. With mild to extreme use, it is able to last as long as days and 3 days in case you’re now no longer operating out or using capabilities like GPS

Which one should you be buying?

So, why should you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3in place of the Galaxy Watch? According to reports, it has a thinner and lighter design, extreme fitness tracking talents, higher wrist-primarily based total communication, and health-centered additions. Other traits appear to be comparable. Meanwhile, we can’t inform if the Galaxy Watch’s battery lifestyles or fashionable overall performance may be a whole lot improved. This system is an advanced choice due to its lifestyles-saving talents and more advantageous design. The authentic Galaxy Watch continues to be appealing in case you don’t require fitness monitoring features and need a extraspecial look. Or, do you pass for the most recent model?

 The maximum brilliant characteristic of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a software program overhaul that blends the arrival and experience of Samsung’s modern-day Tizen platform with the capability of Wear OS

. It boasts a snug design, first-rate health features, and an extended battery lifestyle. Although a few compatibility troubles may also annoy a few potential customers, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a charming model of Samsung’s pinnacle smartwatch concept.

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