Gamify Your Practice Sessions with the DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

Gamify Your Practice Sessions with the DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

The people who made DribbleUp, a popular connected basketball, have just started a campaign to raise money for a connected soccer ball that will make practice more fun.

The United States ranks soccer as the third most popular team sport, behind baseball and basketball, respectively. It is believed that more than 24 million people in the United States participate in the sport. Since the 1970s, there has been a steady increase in the number of people playing the sport. When the United States hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999, it gave the game a big boost in popularity.

The ball was originally kicked by two younger brothers who lived in Brooklyn. The accompanying smartphone software, rather than the ball itself, is responsible for the majority of the ingenious work that can be done with this company’s DribbleUP basketball. The application utilizes the camera on the user’s smartphone to perform real-time tracking of the ball. It then analyzes hundreds of data points and generates training feedback based on the findings. Skills and drills that can be practised interactively include shooting, juggling, and groundwork.

The CEO of DribbleUp, Eric Forkosh, was recently quoted as saying, “I genuinely think that somewhere in the coming years, each sports ball will also have an application. This is just so apparent.”

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for one, but the inside of a soccer ball today is exactly the same as it was a hundred years ago. We are making soccer balls with the use of technology that provides players with a more magical experience while also assisting them in taking their game to the next level.

At the conclusion of each exercise, the virtual trainer will provide you with voice feedback and give you a score based on how well you performed. If this is your first time doing something, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re four years old or a pro soccer player; the application adapts to the player’s ability level to make it as beneficial as possible for everyone.

The best part is that there are no batteries, and the only item that has to be charged is your cell phone. The ball that is the required weight and size for real matches can be used regardless of the weather since it does not contain any electronic components inside of it.

It is not the first time a soccer ball has been linked with. That illustrious distinction belongs to Adidas’s miCoach software platform. The very first ball you choose, though, is the one that turns your practice into a game.

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