Garmin has introduced their MARQ series, which is a collection of high-end smartwatches

As part of the celebrations for Garmin’s 30th anniversary, the company has introduced a new watch series dubbed MARQ. The premium collection includes five different gadgets, which were announced today. These devices are the MARQ Aviator, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Expedition, and MARQ Athlete. The watches are intended to mark significant areas of activity for Garmin, including aviation, automobile, marine, outdoor sports, and sports in general.

If you want to purchase one of these devices, you better have significant pockets because they retail for more than 1,500 dollars each. However, for that amount, you will have a smartwatch that is not only gorgeous but also highly high-end, robust, and loaded with features.

In terms of construction, each of the devices features a housing made of titanium and a lens made of an extremely scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In addition to this, they include a ceramic bezel inlay that shields them from damage caused by daily use.

All of the products in the line have the same fundamental capabilities. This includes a display that is constantly on and can be viewed in sunlight, GPS, a variety of sensors including heart rate and pulse ox2, music storage, Garmin Pay, and other features. On the Fenix 5 Plus model, you get pretty much everything that is listed above. But presented in a far more attractive and high-end repackaging. In smartwatch mode, the battery life is an impressive 12 days, while in GPS mode it is 28 hours, and in UltraTrac mode it can last up to 48 hours.

Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide consumer sales at Garmin, stated that over the course of the previous three decades, the company has developed products that have “fuelled people’s passions.”

“And now, we have reimagined the tool watch with MARQ, a set of exceptional smart instruments that are authentic in every detail, an inspiration for new adventures.” [Translation:] “And now, we have reimagined the tool watch.”

Every model has its own set of unique characteristics. There are other variations in the case finishes, bezels, and strap materials.

MARQ Aviator – $1,950

The in-flight wear watch has a monochrome silver color, and it features a “swept wing” design that is inspired by aviation. In addition to it, there is a multi-link titanium bracelet that has a safety clasp. A few of the features that are included are airport information, aviation maps, Nexrad Weather Radar, and Garmin cockpit interface. Additionally, the GMT bezel can be used to provide quick access to two extra time zones in addition to airport code information.

MARQ Driver – $2,500

The one with the most expensive price tag is the one that caters specifically to those with a passion for automobiles, as suggested by the name of the product. This is primarily due to the way that it was designed. The MARQ Driver has a hybrid-bracelet, which consists of a titanium exterior and a material with a softer inside. It has been given a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, which stands for carbon gray DLC, to improve its durability in the high-vibration environment of racing. The timepiece is pre-loaded with 250 well-known race tracks and offers features such as automatic lap splits, live delta time, and a track timer. Additionally, the timepiece comes with preloaded race tracks.

$1,850 for the MARQ Captain position

A regatta timer bezel, coastal maps, tack assist, and a port conditions watch face are included in the MARQ Captain watch, which is designed for people who go on adventures on the sea. The clock gives the mariner access to essential information such as the circumstances of the port of their choice, the current wind speed, temperature, and information regarding the tides. The watch has been constructed with a jacquard weave strap that was developed specifically for use in settings containing salt water.

The cost of the MARQ Expedition is $1,750.

Designed specifically with the explorer in mind, the MARQ Expedition is equipped with TOPO mapping, an integrated altimeter, barometer, and compass, as well as compatibility with the inReach Mini satellite communicator. ClimbPro is another option, and it offers real-time information on the slope, distance, and elevation gain of a climbing route. The item is made of Italian vachetta leather and features a debossed pattern on the back; these details contribute to the exceptional flexibility and comfort of the item.

MARQ Athlete – $1,500

The MARQ Athlete is located in the “budget-end” of the spectrum. The silicone band that comes included with the clock makes it both sweat-resistant and lightweight, making it ideal for rigorous exercise. Aspiring athletes will find a variety of performance measures, such as their V02 max and a recovery time scale, printed directly on the bezel of the watch. Users can anticipate receiving all of the other Garmin information available to assist them in measuring their development and improving their form.

On Garmin’s website, you may find the MARQ range of navigation devices. Those who place a pre-purchase right now should anticipate receiving their timepiece between three and five weeks from the date of their order.

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