Garmin Instinct Solar Watches – Surf Solar, Tactical Solar, Camo Solar

Garmin Instinct Solar Watches – Surf Solar, Tactical Solar, Camo Solar

What’s New in this Version?

Last year, Garmin debuted its Solar Glass technology on the Fenix 6x Pro Solar. By drawing energy from direct sunshine, this increases the battery’s longevity for a long time. This innovation in technology has also been shared with the new Garmin Instinct Solar watch line

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Instinct by Garmin

The amount of a boost you receive is influenced by the weather. If left indoors, it will charge up, but direct sunshine is the best setting for it. The technology is a recent addition to the Instinct, which is why the price has increased slightly. It refers to the use of solar cells in particular. Two, to be exact. The first lives in a strip around the watch face, while the second lives beneath the glass and covers the watch face. This bodily change comes at a price. There is no requirement for smart battery life management to make this technology function.

Specification that is shared

The three variations are all the same size: 45 x 45 x 15.3 mm, and they all weigh 53 grams. They are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Thanks to solar electricity, the battery life is unrivaled. The strongest sports watch on the market is this military-grade Smartwatch. In this mode, it features built-in sports apps and smartwatch capabilities, allowing you to get notifications on your wrist for up to 54 days.This Smartwatch was created with endurance in mind. The case is made of reinforced polymer that has been chemically strengthened. It also has Gorilla Glass on the front, which makes it scratch-resistant. The design features a high-contrast display and a subdued color scheme. It’s designed to stand out from traditional smartwatches, and the boldness shines through. The amount of sun exposure has an effect on how much of a boost you get from the battery life. The various settings and sensors will also have an effect. To get the most out of the watch, you can customize how you use it. Pre-loaded sports modes are available for activities such as jogging, hiking, swimming, biking, rowing, weight lifting, and more.


It’ll keep track of your heart rate and send you notifications if it gets too high or too low at any stage. Even when submerged, it will keep track of how hard it is working during a session.

The Instinct Solar(s) has a Pulse OX2 sensor that employs light shined directly at your wrist to obtain an idea of how effectively your body absorbs oxygen for accurate sleep and altitude adaptation monitoring. It cleverly calculates a stress level score based on your heart rate. You’ll be able to tell if your physiology corresponds to your mood: calm, agitated, or somewhere in between.

This watch will become your new best buddy if you’re often fatigued. It will calculate your stress levels, sleep, and heart rate variability throughout the day to maximize your body’s energy level. It’ll crunch the numbers to see if you’re in the right frame of mind to be active or if you need to take a break. Of course, this isn’t a replacement for listening to your own body, but it’s a useful tool nonetheless.


You can have unrestricted access to worldwide navigation systems such as GLONASS, Galileo, and plain old GPS. Use the ABC sensors to combine your pin-point accurate location skills with navigation. An altimeter, which tells you your elevation, a three-axis compass, and a barometer, which tells you if there are any storms coming up, are all included. Essentially, the Instinct is a powerful ally that eliminates the need for guesswork. You can use the navigation capabilities to make a smooth return trip and land just where you started. You can also receive your notifications along the route. Text messages, emails, and various social media notifications However, you’ll need to keep your phone in your pocket for this.

If you’re really going into the woods, an InReach gadget will allow you to obtain weather alerts, send messages, and, in the worst-case scenario, send an SOS message to a professional emergency squad. 

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Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical

This edition is designed for folks who are on a long-term mission. Regardless of how far you travel, it will be a loyal companion. Using its particular screen, which can be read with night vision goggles, you may switch between night and day mode. When you put your watch in stealth mode, it stops broadcasting your GPS location and disables the WiFi connection, as well as communication. You can, however, share your location with others if you want people to know where you are. A UTM (Universal transverse Mercator) and an MGRS are used to do this (military grid reference system). You’ll always be able to return to a certain point, which you can mark before you begin your journey.

Solar Surf Garmin Instinct

If you prefer to go on excursions in the ocean, the Surf version of the Instinct Solar is for you. This version includes tidal data as well as dedicated surf-specific activities in addition to the surf sports mode.

You can concentrate on the water since you know your Instinct battery will last forever.

Solar Camo Garmin Instinct

The Camo has all of the great features of the military-grade watch, but it comes in unique camouflage hues that are only available in this range.

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There’s a lot going on under the Instinct Solar’s Power Glass hood. It features Garmin’s unrivaled sports tracking capabilities as well as the ability to create your own custom modes to follow on your wrist. It features a fantastic breadcrumb navigation feature, so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings while knowing you’ll be taken exactly back to where you started. The Garmin Instinct Solar watches are ideal for any outdoor enthusiast, whether on land or at water.

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