Garmin is going to create new watches based on Star Wars characters, including both heroes and villains.

With the release of new smartwatches in its Legacy Saga Series, Garmin is getting ready to experience the force for itself. In honour of the upcoming releases of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the gear is being made available as part of an event called Triple Force Friday, which will take place the next week.

The watches are modelled after the Vivoactive 4 in terms of both their appearance and their functionality. This is extremely similar to the approach that Garmin took when developing its Legacy Hero Series. A little over a month ago, it was made available to the public and has two limited-edition wristwatches: Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain Marvel. The first one has a 45-millimetre case, and the second one has a 40-millimetre casing. The special edition watches are distinct from the Vivoactive 4 in a number of ways: they are constructed from materials inspired by superheroes; they come with a number of new watch appearances and goal animations, and they feature a number of challenges with a Marvel-related theme. In addition, they are lacking in certain functions such as pool swim metrics and wrist-based heart rate while underwater.

When it comes to the new Legacy Saga Series, we may anticipate more of the same. We have both a 45mm and a 40mm rendition this time around. One of these, which was likely inspired by Rey, has a white casing and a leather band that is also white. The inscription “Nothing is Impossible” may be found on the reverse side of the watch. The other one has a motif based on Darth Vader. It comes with the inscription “Rule the Galaxy,” as is to be expected, and it has a darker colour that is more suitable. A snapshot of the Garmin Connect app illustrates that the user has the ability to select an avatar. This choice will determine what appears on the display of the watch.

You still receive a fantastic fitness watch despite the fact that it has a stylish design. In addition to the fundamentals, you will receive Garmin Pay, Connected GPS, Pulse Ox, and Body Battery. When in normal mode, the device has a battery life of about a week, but when GPS and music are both turned on, it can last for up to six hours.

Already, the company has produced one product based on the Star Wars franchise: the Vivofit Jr. 2 for children. It would appear that on October 4th, some more themes will be added to this. These watches will motivate your children to maintain an active lifestyle by providing them with new challenges within the accompanying app when they accomplish their daily activity target of sixty minutes.

The Legacy Saga Series is scheduled to become available in the month of November, and each watch in the collection will be sold for $399. The price of the new Vivofit Jr. 2 will remain the same as that of the existing generation, which is $69.99.

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