Garmin updates its Connect app to measure female wellness

Garmin has announced that it is adding a brand-new female health monitoring capability to its line of connected wearables and smartwatches, using yesterday’s revelation of the Forerunner line update as an opportunity.

Garmin has introduced menstrual cycle tracking to its Connect app, imitating Fitbit and Apple. Due to the ability to view cycle information alongside other statistics, female users are better able to recognise the physical and mental signs and take appropriate action.

Garmin updates its Connect app to measure female wellness.

Users can record information such as the beginning and end dates of their periods, their symptoms, personal notes, and more. Additionally, they have the option to accept reminders for their periods and fertile windows. Their period and fertility estimates will be more precise the more they log information about their cycles.

Women can tailor their cycles using the period tracker based on whether they are regular, erratic, or approaching menopause. According to Garmin, female customers will eventually receive reports that display patterns and fluctuations in their bodies, demonstrating changes during each period.

According to Susan Lyman, vice president of global consumer marketing at Garmin, “Garmin has taken advantage of our unmatched fitness knowledge to provide a feature that helps active women track their cycle in the same spot they logged their last run.”

Women from the Garmin engineering, project management, and marketing teams developed cycle tracking for women. We could make sure we were genuinely meeting a woman’s needs and wants in this way.

For wearables that are compatible, there is also a Connect IQ app. Certain Forerunner models (245, 245 Music, 645, 645 Music, 935, and 945), Vivoactive 3, Vivoactive 3 Music, Fenix 5 and 5 Plus Series, and Fenix Chronos are included in this. For more information, view the video below.

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