Garmin Vivosport: Maximum Tracking Power with the Least Amount of Bulk

Garmin Vivosport: Maximum Tracking Power with the Least Amount of Bulk

The Garmin Vivosport is one of the smallest wearables capable of providing all-around activity control and health monitoring. It is part of Garmin’s entry-level fitness tracker lineup.

It may not have the sleek design of a Fitbit or the high-tech vibe of an Apple Watch, but it packs the most cutting-edge technology into a budget-friendly fitness band.

It’s not designed for professional athletes, but if you don’t have high athletic ambitions, It offers great value for money and features everything a fitness fanatic needs.


The minimalistic style The Garmin Vivosport is a stylish fitness band that offers improved exercise tracking and health monitoring.

It shares most of the same functions as the Vivosmart HR+ and joins the Vivosmart 3 and Vivoactive HR in Garmin’s budget wearables portfolio.

It tracks all your activities, although not to the same extent as specialized Garmin smartwatches.

The Vivosmart HR+ has been revamped with longer battery life, a smaller band, and high-end capabilities like stress testing and VO2 Max. It’s a worthy upgrade from the Vivofit 4 and Vivosmart 3 fitness trackers.

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When compared to other wearables in its class, the Vivosport appears to be pricey at first glance. It’s difficult to tell how capable it is just by looking at it, but it comes with a slew of cool smart, and fitness-tracking capabilities that justify the increased price.

If all you need is a step counter, you may save money and go with the Vivofit 4. Sports bands like the Fitbit Surge and Samsung Galaxy Watch are Vivosport’s main competitors.

The presence of GPS and a standard accelerometer and heart rate sensor is a particularly welcome bonus compared to other entry-level Garmin smart bands.

Texts, incoming calls, e-mails, and push alerts are delivered to your wrist via smart notifications, and the wireless mode allows you to manage the music on your phone.

The battery life isn’t great, but it’s comparable to other Garmin smarts. In smart mode, you can expect roughly seven days of autonomy and up to eight hours in GPS mode, which is excellent given that the color display is always on.


The Vivosport is unmistakably influenced by the Vivosmart 3. However, while it has the same basic lines, it adds significant new features, such as a color display and the ability to see it in both vertical and horizontal positions.

You can expect a sporty design in classic Garmin flair in terms of aesthetics. The silicone strap isn’t particularly attractive, but it’s extremely comfortable to wear all day, even during strenuous sports activities. Due to the unibody design, changing bands is impossible. However, you can choose from four band types and two sizes.

The somewhat smaller display is an undesirable adjustment from the Vivosmart 3. This isn’t one of the most responsive or user-friendly smart bands available.

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Tracking your fitness

The Vivosport is a fitness and health tracking device with many capabilities and is quite accurate. It has multi-sport profiles, automatically recognizes training sessions, and records your performance indoors and outdoors, as you’d expect from a sports band of this calibre.

You may create personalized notifications and monitor current progress updates thanks to the embedded GPS, which provides precise traveled distance data. Despite being waterproof, the lack of a swim mode is a minor flaw.

The addition of VO2 Max and Fitness Age tools to the health tracker is wonderful. The VO2 Max was first launched on the Vivosmart 3 and helped you optimize your training sessions by monitoring your blood oxygen levels throughout peak performance activities.

The Daily Stress function generates detailed information on your periods of overload. At the same time, the Relax Timer promotes relaxation through timed breathing exercises - exactly what you need to combat stress and bad thoughts.

Garmin Vivosport has heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, calorie counting, floor climbing, and auto goal challenges, as do other credible fitness trackers.

Main Benefits:

  • It’s little, yet it’s crammed with features.
  • GPS integration
  • Good battery life and accurate fitness tracking and health monitoring
  • Smart notifications and multi-sport profiles
  • Waterproof

Principal Drawbacks:

  • For a touchscreen, this is a fairly small screen.
  • There are no swim modes available.
  • The design is drab.

How We Conducted Our Research

We used the Garmin Vivosport for all of our regular activities, from working and relaxing to training and even monitoring my sleep, to put it to the test. It provides correct metrics, as I would expect from a Garmin device.

The always-on display, which allows you to use the smart band as a traditional clock, was one of our favorites. The anti-reflective display is reasonably simple to see in daylight, though It may be hard to get a good glimpse at it in direct sunlight.

Although not trendy, the Vivosport is lightweight and quite comfortable to wear. Nonetheless, it’s a surprising sports band.

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The Garmin Vivosport is a capable all-around smartwatch created with exercise enthusiasts in mind. Perhaps not the ideal option for professionals, who a specialized wearable would better serve, but a reasonable choice for the average guy or gal looking to stay healthy and fit.

Sure, it won’t go down in history as the most astonishing smart band, but it does offer a unique combination of features and functionalities that similar gadgets generally lack. It is undeniably good value for money.

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