Garmin wearable tech owners can join the COVID-19 Stanford study, too


Is it possible for your Garmin wearable to detect the COVID-19 virus? Researchers at Stanford University are attempting to find out.

Wearable tech owners interested in participating in the Wearables Data Study are being sought by the teaching and research institutions. Participants can use an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin as long as their device has a heart rate sensor.

The goal of the study is to see if data from wearable technology can be used to anticipate the beginning of COVID-19 before symptoms appear. Previous research has found that certain patterns of heart rate change can indicate sickness.

It is critical to develop algorithms capable of detecting the development of the disease before overt symptoms appear. Even if people do not have the full-blown sickness, it has been established that they can pass COVID-19 on to others.

The study is open to everyone who owns a Garmin gadget with a heart rate monitor. Not everyone, however, will be accepted.

To be eligible, you must have COVID-19 or be suspected of having it. Alternatively, you must have come into contact with someone who has the condition. If you are at a higher risk of exposure, you may also be eligible. This could be because you work in a healthcare facility, a delivery service, a grocery store, or anything similar. According to the researchers, others will be allowed to join in the future.

Researchers will examine exercise, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, and other physiological variables in addition to heart rate data. Every day, participants will be required to complete a short questionnaire using a specific app on their smartphone. The trial is expected to extend for up to 24 months.

You can apply at this link to assist Stanford researchers determine whether Garmin wearables can detect the coronavirus. This is an excellent idea that may aid in the prevention of current and future pandemics.


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