Garmin will soon release an app for those who are intensely curious

You have the option of signing up to be a beta tester for the Dive app on the Garmin smartphone. It works in tandem with the Descent MK1 Dive Computer and is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Descent MK1 Garmin

Over the past few years, the firm has made significant strides toward enhancing the Connect app for mobile devices. And although Garmin’s hardware is top-notch, the company’s software is, to put it mildly, not quite there yet. Despite this, the company is currently working in tandem on an app that is geared for people who are extremely curious.

Although the Dive app is currently in the beta testing phase, anyone may sign up to try it out and provide feedback. It syncs up with a Descent watch in order to upload all of your dives automatically. The application generates extremely extensive analyses, which may include information such as ascending duration, maximum ascent rate, maximum depth, bottom time, surface entry points, and exit points, amongst other things.

Users can not only record their underwater exploits, but they can also share their dives with other users, compete for bragging rights, and investigate the community.

The Explore tool appears to be the final element that has a lot of potential utility. Discovering new spots to dive is now much easier thanks to this. Users can filter the results by the sort of dive they want to do and choose a location based on factors such as its popularity, the weather, and other factors. It is possible to gain access to the reviews and logs written by other divers in order to assist with the selection process.

It will be interesting to see if Garmin expands the Dive app’s capabilities to allow syncing from other sports watches in its lineup.Having said that, individuals who do not possess a Descent dive computer are able to utilize the app to manually log dives.

At this time, the app is only compatible with the MK1. At the tail end of 2017, this fully loaded smartwatch specifically designed for swimmers and divers was made available on the market. It is the first dive computer that the company has ever produced that includes surface GPS navigation, and it represents an impressive introduction into the market. The fashionable watch features a vivid color display of 1.2 inches and a watch-like design that is very similar to that of the Garmin Fenix family of products.

It is anticipated that the updated software would make the Descent MK1 a more alluring purchase option. Those who are interested in purchasing the diving watch can take advantage of a discount of $200 that is presently being offered on and

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