Glycine is observing the background

Eugene Meylan, who specialized in engineering watches and undoubtedly wowed with his futuristic designs, established Glycine watches in Switzerland in 1914. Meylan was responsible for the company’s founding. He was completely focused on being the best, and he made timepieces that were ahead of their time in terms of accuracy and technology.

Glycine is still going strong over a century later, and they haven’t changed any of the original designs. The goal was to create unique clocks that adhered to traditional aesthetic principles. Each watch is classic in design while still being up-to-date, and they are not gimmicky in any way.

KMU GL0131


The KMU is well-known for its imposing appearance, which includes a very large face. Those individuals who need to know the time at a glance will find it quite helpful. It is a reimagining of a classic compilation that was first released in 1999. This modification includes improved engineering on the inside and a more polished appearance. The armed forces have a preference for using it.

Each and every one of KMU’s timepieces is equipped on the inside with the same precise automatic mechanism. The dial on the big case is resistant to scratching and available in a variety of scratch-resistant materials, including high-grade stainless steel. Because it has a PVD coating, it is not only long-lasting but also very elegant and fashionable.


In comparison to its other collections, the KMU line of timepieces has a much more contemporary aesthetic. The coating on the metal is a matte black PVD, which gives it a very elegant appearance. The paint won’t chip or flake off, and it won’t even scratch.

Tan leather that is both robust and waterproof is used for the strap, and the clasp can be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist circumferences. You have the option of switching the wristband to a matching matte black leather version if that is what you would like.


Orange and white paint are used to decorate the watch face. When you are traveling and find yourself in situations with less than ideal illumination, this comes in handy. The numbers are huge, and the chart as a whole is quite simple and straightforward to read.


The waterproof rating of the casing is 10 ATM, and it is built of a high-grade stainless steel measuring 48 millimeters in thickness. You shouldn’t worry if you are caught in the rain since you won’t get wet.

The watch is composed of mineral glass all the way around the rear. The dial is made of sapphire, which has both anti-reflective and scratch-resistant properties, making it an excellent choice for explorers.

Incursore GL0044


Another massive timepiece, this one is called the Incursore. It is built in a straightforward manner. It has a reputation for being quite durable. is somewhat more recent and was designed from the ground up to be innovative and cutting-edge. It is another fantastic product for members of the armed forces, but civilians may also get excellent use out of it.


Visibility has always been a major concern in the realm of watches. Or, the absence of it. The average contemporary screen is often overrun by dials. This face has large dials and numerals that make reading the time very simple and straightforward.


The Incursore has an appearance that is both rustic and traditional. There is a conspicuous absence of color here. The particulars have been expertly crafted so that they may be worn with a wide variety of outfits. This is a great option for a watch that you can wear every day.


The outside casing of the Incursore is composed of high-grade stainless steel, making it both sturdy and rust-resistant. On top of it is a transparent mineral glass, which is well-known for the dust and scratch-resistant properties that it has. The three layers of anti-reflective coating that are included in the sapphire glass make it simple to read the display in any kind of illumination.

Airman 42 for $1,250 (£1,160)

This has quickly become a fan favorite and is the ideal travel companion that one could want. You are able to monitor several time zones, and there are other nifty features that help place this product at the top of the popularity rankings. It also has the highest price tag of the options available.


This is for you if you want something that wouldn’t be out of place on James Bond’s wrist, and this is exactly what you get. Your wrist has all of the information you need, allowing you to access it quickly and easily at any time. hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the date, three different time zones, and GMT.


The dome of the Airman is made of transparent sapphire crystal. It has a property that prevents reflections from being seen. It is equipped with a Super-LumiNova that has a yellowish-green color. This ensures that there will never be an issue with low illumination.

Each of the numerals on the face of the clock has been meticulously hand-painted. This quality can not be found in any other product.


This watch has a really interesting appearance on the outside. Although it shares a design with the watches that were discussed before, the Airman is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind black PVD finish. It has a satin shine, smoked glass, and an extremely durable black leather strap, in addition to having these characteristics.

Should You Spend Your Money on a Glycine Watch?

Owning a Glycine watch will make you happy if you like timepieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also completely dependable.

Glycine has a number of collections that range in price from low to moderate and are full of options; however, if you are looking for something premium, you should look elsewhere. In general, more costly timepieces do not provide the user with a significant amount of additional information. Date and time are the most important aspects. As soon as you begin adding details to the face, it will quickly get crowded, which will make it difficult to read.

The answer to whether or not these watches are worth the money genuinely depends on your spending limit and the number of features you want. The watches are unpretentious, traditional, and even have a touch of a country feel to them. They are quite robust and trustworthy. They are wonderful for use as daily timepieces. If you’re looking for something larger and better, your search for luxury goods should take you somewhere in the market.

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