Goggles similar to Google Glass that track your swimming workouts are called Zwim

There are a good number of swim-friendly trackers that you can choose from if you are looking for a device that is capable of logging all of your activities and you are an avid swimmer. Zwim is the most recent item to be added to this list. It has a near-eye display similar to Google Glass that gives you the ability to monitor data in real time.

The smart goggles weigh only 62 grams and are packed with sensors (6 motion sensors and an optical heart rate sensor), which allow them to keep tabs on time, heart rate, laps, calories, and more. The motion sensor allows the wearer to track their position in space. Everything that you see in front of you is rendered in high quality and full color on a widescreen LCD display that has a resolution of WQVGA 16:9 (widescreen). The company asserts that it has developed the most cutting-edge and compact near-eye display.

To begin a session, push the button labeled “start” that is located on the device. You can switch between different statistics by using the same button. Users have the ability to set up many displays, each with a unique configuration, and select the data type that is of the utmost importance to them.

Zwim is equipped with an optical heart-rate sensor that can be found on the temple. Because of this, it is able to calculate your heart rate with a high degree of accuracy, which is especially helpful if you train in heart-rate zones. According to the manufacturer, the quality of the heart rate data is superior to what you would get from swim trackers that are worn on the wrist.

Users are going to be relieved to learn that they can finally stop keeping track of the number of laps they’ve completed in the pool. When you make a turn, Zepp will automatically recognise your activity and provide you with the ability to check your pace by monitoring the amount of time it has been since you started a new lap. After you’ve finished your workout, connect Zwim via Bluetooth to the corresponding iOS or Android app so that your data can be saved, analyzed, and managed.

Zwim is a touch pricy, coming in at $279; this is especially true when one considers the dangers that are associated with crowdfunding projects. As a result of the convenience that comes with using such a device, serious swimmers might be interested in taking the plunge.

With 42 days left in the campaign, the company has successfully raised approximately 40% of the funding required to build the smart goggles. It is anticipated that backers will receive their rewards in May of the following year.

The cost is $279 and above.

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