Google and Fitbit Have Formed a Partnership to Share Health Data

To assist in the process of connecting user information with electronic health records, Fitbit has announced that it would begin utilizing Google’s ai technology as well as its Cloud-Based Healthcare API. 

According to James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, “Google gives us the chance to alter how we expand our organization. This allows us to reach greater people all over the world quicker, while also upgrading the service we deliver to both our consumers and the health system.”

Patients and healthcare providers will each come out ahead as a result of the relationship. If your information on daily activity and workouts can be synchronized, this will culminate in a more comprehensive patient profile, which in turn will lead to more individualized medical care.

The Google Cloud service that Fitbit will be using, which was introduced the previous month, enables businesses to cross-reference their data with those that provide medical care. The two businesses have also announced that they will work together to improve the management of chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. To this end, they plan to make use of services such as Fitbit’s newly acquired Twine Health.

The agreement is one of the first genuine indicators that Fitbit is executing on its pledge to further its drive into healthcare and to depend less on customers. Fitbit is performing on its pledge. The profitable market for corporate wellbeing and the national healthcare business constitute an intriguing possibility, especially as a source of revenue based on subscriptions. Fitbit will be able to compete better with companies like Apple and Xiaomi, which have been growing their market share, thanks to its partnership with Google.

According to Park, who also worked on the project, “this partnership will increase the development of technology to identify the next generation of health care systems and wearable tech.”

The opinion was shared by Wall Street, and as a result, the stock of the company jumped by approximately 10 per cent on the news. The share price lost some of its initial gains over time, but it kept going up.

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