Google brings Google Assistant to millions of people without a smartphone with free phone calls

At the Google for India event held in New Delhi City on Thursday, the great G has announced its solution to bring the Google Assistant closer to even more people. Specifically, those who still have basic mobile phones that do not have access to the smart capabilities of a smartphone.

For this, Google has collaborated with the Vodafone operator to launch, first in India, a program with which to enable a free telephone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where any resident in India with a line in The Vodafone-Idea network will be able to call totally free to make inquiries to the Google Assistant .

Phone the Google Assistant will be possible in India

As explained in TechCrunch , although India is one of the regions with the largest number of smartphone users with Internet access - about 450 million people - more than half of the population does not yet have smart devices or with an internet connection .

Therefore, thanks to this initiative, users can make free calls to the telephone number 000-800-9191-000 , and make their queries to the Google Assistant to obtain information in real time. Google’s goal is to allow hundreds of millions of people to access new information tools, whether or not they have a smartphone.

Beyond that, Google today announces other initiatives dedicated to the Indian market, such as the implementation of high-speed Wi-Fi networks in several cities in the country that had never had this technology. In addition, those who already have a smartphone with Google Assistant, can change the language from English to Hindi. Finally, the Spot system will allow companies to use Google Play as a platform to create experiences with which to reach a greater number of potential customers, and strengthen those already existing.

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