Google Fit has been updated with a new dark style and now tracks your sleep

Google Fit has been updated with a new dark style and now tracks your sleep

There will be some welcome improvements made to Google Fit. Your sleep habits are being monitored by the fitness app, and in addition to the white theme that is the default, there is now a dark option available.

The world’s largest technology company is working hard to improve the utility of its apps. It received home screen widgets at the end of the previous year and at the beginning of this year, as well as monthly activity challenges, better activity monitoring, and breathing exercises. The number of steps that a person takes has been replaced with Move Minutes and Heart Points. The company stopped making the web version of its fitness app so that it could focus on the version for smartphones.

The most recent revision is a step forward in this overall effort. With its newly gained capability to communicate with other applications that exchange data of this kind, Google Fit will now provide you with feedback regarding whether or not you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. You can also edit your sleep data with this feature, which is helpful if the numbers that third-party apps give you don’t give an accurate picture of your sleep.

A new dark theme is the other significant improvement that has been made. This should make using the app at night a little less of a chore and should help your smartphone’s battery last longer. According to Google, the new theme “may be easier on the eyes.”

At long last, some long-awaited updates are coming to the iOS software. To refresh your memory, the Google Fit app for the iPhone did not become available until April. That’s roughly four years after Google first released Android. This update brings some of the new features available on Android to the iOS app, such as route maps for walking and biking trips. Workouts that are actively tracked on a WearOS wristwatch, Apple Watch, or other connected apps can make use of this functionality.

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store are locations from which users may get the Google Fit app. In the following days, the most recent update will become available to users.

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