Google will stop offering the web version of its fitness app in less than 30 days

The company has stated that on March 19, Google will no longer provide access to the web version of its fitness app. The multinational technology company has announced that it will discontinue the service in order to concentrate its efforts on improving the Google Fit experience on mobile devices and smart watches. The information was presented in the form of a giant banner at the very top of the website. The graphic that follows provides a glimpse of the complete text.

The desktop version is helpful because it displays activity over a longer period of time, in addition to offering an attractive and comprehensive overview of a user’s stats. Additionally, it enables the manual entry of activities and weight that may not have been recorded previously.

A significant revamp was implemented for both the Android and Wear OS services in the previous year. Since a few months ago, Google has added home screen widgets, increased activity tracking, and included breathing exercises in its products. As part of this update, the business removed the focus on step count in favor of new measures that are more indicative of overall health. These were accumulated as move minutes and heart points, respectively. After this, Google presented users with further enticements toward the conclusion of the month of December. These were presented in the form of monthly challenges, which is a feature that Apple has been providing for some time now.

On the other hand, these improvements focused mostly on Google Fit’s mobile and smartwatch iterations. The equivalent on the web was treated with a certain amount of indifference. Now we know why.

It’s possible that the speculated Pixel wristwatch played a role in the decision as well. Because we anticipate that the firm will release it later this year, we hypothesize that the reason it is diverting its attention is to improve the experience of using fitness apps on Android and Wear OS.

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