Graff Golf Features an Intelligent Golf Ball that Monitors, Records, and Evaluates Each Shot

It is highly recommended that you unwind with a game of golf. But let’s face it. It’s the year 2020, and you’re looking for a tool that can tell you after each game what you did well and where you may make improvements. We’ve seen all kinds of high-tech golf equipment, from swing analyzers to GPS wristbands and monitors, and everything in between. We can now add a golf ball equipped with electronics to this list.

Graff Golf is the first smart golf ball in the world, and it has just been released on Indiegogo. The gadget is packed with sensors that can track your whereabouts at a distance of up to 100 meters (300 feet), and it can also perform a comprehensive analysis of your gameplay.

To use it, you must first pair the ball with your phone, then use the accompanying app to select your club and swing. When you begin playing, the smartphone will immediately begin keeping track of a large number of different analytics. This consists of the spin rate, the spin direction, the exit velocity, the hang time, the apex height, the carry distance, the ball speed, and the launch angle.

Developing one’s abilities is something that everyone desires, of course. For this purpose, the software will provide you with insights into your game, and it will also provide a library of drills that will help you take your game to the next level. The more photos you take, the more information you will collect from each one. You can discover exactly where there is space for development by comparing your metrics to those of professionals and seeing how they stack up. The app also has a section for challenges, where users can compete with their friends and other users for different badges and prizes.

Everything was conceptualized and designed by three students from Johns Hopkins University who are passionate about golf. They need your assistance now in order to successfully launch the product into the market. If you make a pledge of $199, you will receive three smart golf balls in the normal size, a Bluetooth wireless charging mechanism, and access to the mobile application. The shipment is anticipated to take place this summer.

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