Greatest Faces for the Apple Watch

The many faces of the Apple Watch are a lot of fun. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most recent model to be released by Apple and has been hailed as the most feature-packed wristwatch currently available on the market. In spite of the fact that the watch is already appealing in and of itself, there are an infinite number of unique details that may be added to it to make it uniquely yours.

Apple has a preexisting collection of faces that have been created specifically for use in a variety of contexts. In point of fact, there are so many of them that making a decision might be really difficult. As a result, we are here to assist you in locating a face that is suitable for your own taste and to assist you in making any necessary modifications.

Swipe to the left till you see the word “New” to create a new face; this is all that is required of you. Now, make use of the digital headpiece to browse through your available options, and then press the option that best suits your needs. You might also change your current watch face by giving any active watch face a long press on your watch.

The built-in watch faces of an Apple Watch may be broken down into the following classifications:

  • Optimal for Use at Work
  • Best for Fitness
  • Best for Fun

The inner workings of the Apple Watch faces 

If you are on Watch OS 7 or OS 8, all you need to do is do a long press and then touch on the ‘edit’ option when it appears. Next, slide to the left and press to reach the feature you wish to personalise, and then use your digital crown to select your preferred colour, form, complexity, and anything else that your heart wants.

To delete a watch face, first press down on the face, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen. After that, you’ll need to touch the “remove” button for it to be deleted.

By pressing and holding on a face, you can gain access to the controls and locate the ‘share’ button there. This is how you share a face. After that, you may either orally dictate or type a message, decide who it should be sent to, and then send it.

If you want to download watch backgrounds to your watch, one of the easiest and most fun ways to do so is to save those images on your phone and then use the Apple Watch App Face Gallery to select up to 24 photos to use and start changing every time you raise your arm. This is one of the ways to download watch backgrounds to your watch.

Utilise Facer for a huge selection of designs created by a multitude of artists, opening up a world of options. There won’t be any cost for many of them. Please feel free to like and share this. Participate in the activities of other people who share your views. Simply select the watch face that you want to use on your watch by tapping on it, and then click the icon that appears on the screen. It’s as easy as that, and using it won’t put you in any danger.

The Very Best of Apple’s Pre-installed Watch Faces 

How to customise your watch with the Apple Watch app’s Watch Faces 

The bulk of the watch faces that come preinstalled on your Apple Watch may be customised by you. Visit the Customise the watch face page for further information. The release of Watch OS 8 makes it possible for us to maintain our connection to the people and things that are important to us. Discover innovative and entertaining ways to view your photographs, control your home, and even start your vehicle.

Utilising your own photographs is one of the most intriguing new choices available. You may customise the look of your watch by utilising photos captured on your iPhone in portrait mode, and you can also get constantly updated pictures of your family and friends.

You may personalise the centre of your Apple Watch with pictures of your loved ones, including friends and family. This new device face makes use of the Portrait mode on the photos taken with your iPhone in order to give the people who are important to you a starring role. It seems active and multifaceted at the same time.

The fact that you can move the object that is in focus closer to you by moving the digital crown on the watch and that the shot will change every time you lift your wrist is something that we truly like.

To turn it on, choose the Portrait watch face from the available options on your Apple Watch, and then select up to 24 photographs. When using the Photos app on your iPhone, you can also make a watch face right from the application by selecting the photo you want to use and then selecting “Create Watch Face” from the sharing choices.


You now have the ability to have photo highlights from your Memories and Featured Photos automatically synchronised to your watch face, providing you with something fresh to look at every day.

Your photo collection in Memories is displayed in a one-of-a-kind mosaic grid, which provides you with a more comprehensive overview of your library.

You now have more power than you ever have had over the face of your watch! You may personalise it to create a smartwatch that is one of a kind.

Use the Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to the Face Gallery at the bottom (centre), choose the Photos watch face, and make sure that the “dynamic” checkbox is selected before activating dynamic memories on your Apple Watch. Your most recent recollections will be shown on the dynamic watch face, which is constantly being updated.

Contour (Apple Watch 7) 

A stunning face that wraps around the bezel of the watch and takes advantage of the additional screen depth that comes with the brand-new Apple Watch 7. This sleek, sophisticated, and timelessly exquisite design is exclusive to the Galaxy S7, which not only makes a statement but also offers the Apple Watch a competitive advantage.


This watch face is stunning in its lack of complexity and was created with minimalists in mind. There are no difficulties to speak of; the face consists of merely four huge numerals filling up the available space. Despite this, there is a lot of room for personalization. You are able to modify the fill colour, for instance, so that it may go with your clothes, your mood, or anything else that you like! In addition, you have the option of retaining the four digits or going with a conventional dial that has a contemporary, classic, or rounded design and displays symbols in Arabic, Arabic Indic, Roman, or Devanagari.


Since the release of Watch OS 6, the California Apple Watch face has been available. It is uncluttered and uncomplicated yet exudes a great deal of elegance. It is reminiscent of a watch face that is more traditionally used. You have the choice of cramming it full of features or keeping it simple and clean. Therefore, the decision is entirely dependent upon your preferences.

Concerning the time, you may change the form of the numerals and the design of the dial, and you can even add complexities. This is an excellent variation on the rounded infographics that you may use instead. Users of the Apple Watch 3 are encouraged to read this in particular.


A gradient is an elegant option that was introduced with the Series 4 and came along with it. There are dark sections that indicate the hour and minute markers, as well as a second hand that moves around in a circle. You are able to reduce all of this to just a single secondary hand, and you are also able to modify the colours. This may take the form of a whole screen or a circular face, and may or may not involve any issues.


The Stripes watch face is brand new to Wear OS 7 and offers a lot of laughs, making it a strong contender for the title of finest Apple Watch face in 2021. It offers a wide range of configuration options. You have the option of changing the number of stripes, which can range anywhere from two to nine. You are free to choose and rearrange the order of the colours in any way you choose.

You may rotate the stripes in any direction you wish, including horizontally and vertically, at any angle between 0 and 345 degrees. The rounded form of the image is the one that welcomes complexity, in contrast to the full-screen version, which does not.


You may use pictures from your own collection as a background if you like something with a more personal feel. The configuration of this is quite simple. Launch the Apple Watch application on your iPhone, and then navigate to the Face Gallery menu option. After that, proceed to the images section. Now navigate to favourites and sync that album. The carousel option allows you to select up to ten photographs to display. After that, return to your Apple Watch to make a new face selection. Even if you are utilising photographs, you may still take advantage of problems.

The Most Beneficial for Work 


The Siri watch face provides you with individualised information at various points throughout the day. It scans through the information that it gathers from your Reminders, Alarms, Calendar, News, Weather, pulse rate, and sound levels, among other sources of information. If you need it, it will remind you to take a deep breath at the exact moment that you need it, if you need it. Using your iPhone, you may deactivate any one of these options if you so want. Once you’ve got everything set up, you can utilise the face just like any other and even add complexity to it.


If you want more advanced information than what can be provided by Siri, then one of the more useful faces for the Apple Watch is the Modular face. This is a very adaptable face, since it can accommodate up to five different difficulties and is equipped with a digital screen. Given how much information is packed into it, the fact that it is organised is nothing short of a miracle.


The Utility face is another versatile option that gives you the ability to select up to four accessories, four dials, and whatever colour you like. The utility is one of the greatest watch faces for you to choose if you like a straightforward and readable design for your Apple Watch. You have access to vital information without having to fight for space.


Another product that is streamlined and devoid of unnecessary clutter, making it ideal for seeing data quickly. You may make things more complicated by including things like the latest news, the weather, the current date, activities, and the air quality index. The dial may be either black or white, and there is a wide variety of colour options available for the accents.


This is not the option that has the highest demand, and it is only available on the SE and the 6. People who travel frequently or who work with others who are located in different time zones would benefit greatly from using this feature.

It includes two dials, with the innermost one being a 12-hour dial that displays the time in your current location. The outside dial displays 24 hours, while this inner dial may be adjusted to a different time. You will be presented with a choice of cities to choose from, or you will be given the option to add a city from the World Clock app on your iPhone. You have the ability to select the colours and make them seem exactly as you want them.

Timing Around the World 

If keeping track of global time is something that interests you, then you should use this face. Your work may take you all over the world, but with this watch face, you’ll know exactly where you are at all times. Because it also has a nice style, you may feel confident wearing it to any event that comes along.

Faces for Fitness Watches 


For those interested in fitness, Activity is a must-have face, and it can be used with your Activity rings. The Move (red) ring displays the number of calories you’ve burnt, while the blue and green rings display the amount of standing movement and activity, respectively. However, you may tailor this to the objective that interests you the most, including the addition of a specialised ‘roll’ ring for those who use wheelchairs. You are allowed to bring in up to three more problems. In addition to this, the data can also be seen in greater detail on your iPhone via the Activities and Health applications respectively.

Professional Chronograph 

If you tap your bezel on the dial that displays the 12-hour time, it will transform into a chronograph. This dial features an astounding amount of information, including a tachymeter timeframe, which determines speed based on either a predetermined distance or the amount of time travelled. Isn’t it cool? This face is only available to users of the SE and 6 who are not afraid of a challenge.

Amount to One 

You are able to monitor the amount of time that has passed if you have a SE or a 6. Tape the 12-hour dial, as described previously, and position your marker on the outside bezel so that it corresponds to the minute hand you want. After you have set the duration of time using the digital crown, you may start the timer by pressing the dial. You have the option of adding up to five different complexities, and there are many different colour combinations to select from.

interesting dials for watches 


This item is available in four vivid hues and exemplifies how colours may be combined. Choose any two colours from the options of blue and green, black and white, orange and pink, or choose any combination of the three. Choose a screen with a round or square shape.


You are going to really like the rainbow flag if you are a supportive member of the LGBTQ+ community. To this day, there has been one released per year beginning in 2018, therefore there are a total of three options.

Emoji Face for the Apple Watch 

Featuring Animoji and Memoji too! Pick from the colours and characters that appeal to you the most. A face that is active and intriguing yet conveys little information. But when you see your adorable face transformed into a Memoji, you won’t care about it anymore.


Another one of the most attractive watch faces available for the Apple Watch is called Kaleidoscope. It will help you relax thanks to the hypnotic patterns that intertwine with one another and display on the screen. The patterns will shift in accordance with the rotation of your digital crown. The more quickly you turn it, the more patterns will move in response to the increased pace. If you’re having a difficult day, this is a pretty cool function to have since it will help you calm down and get through it.


Motion is an amazing programme that responds to the user’s touch in many ways. There are three options available to pick from. Butterfly has 25 distinct species that are able to move about much like the actual thing. If you lift your wrist, you will be presented with a new butterfly at each interval. There are nine unique animated flowers available in The Flower. In conclusion, Jellyfish is comprised of six distinct species, all of which become visible as you move. The act of watching it is quite calming, similar to what was said before.


If you’re a fan of simple design, this is going to be one of the most attractive Apple Watch faces for you to choose from. Numerals have hands for both the minute and the second. The time is shown in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You have control over the font and colour, but that’s about it. There is one more layer of complexity that you may add, so choose your choice carefully.


Users of any age can benefit from using an Apple Watch. This is the face you should choose if you want to buy a watch for someone who likes to read bigger text. It will appear in a typeface that is either bold or extremely huge, and it will fill the whole display. You have the ability to add a single complication; however, it takes up most of the centre of the display, which might be annoying.


This dynamic watch face will vary depending on how you touch it, so you can keep track of the passage of time as it happens. Have a cool watch face in your collection. Pick your scenario from among the many options we have available.

You Can Get Even More Apple Watch Faces by Using the Facer App. 

For those who own an Apple Watch, the Facer app is an absolute need. It is an industry-leading watch face alteration platform that will assist you in extracting the maximum value from your Apple Watch. You may get the Facer app from this location. Check out this post for a rundown of the newest, most cutting-edge Star Trek watch faces, if that’s something that interests you.

Pick the ideal face for your Apple Watch from tens of thousands of eye-catching photos and designs. Don’t be content with those boring, generic, and unimaginative watch faces and backgrounds; strive to make improvements. Using Facer is exactly the same as getting a brand new smartwatch each and every day.

The Facer app for Apple Watch includes a “create mode only” option that makes it possible to customise complications. In addition, if you link your device to Health Kit, you will be able to view the statistics of your steps and heart rate in a number of different formats.

Create Unique designs With Facer 

Facer provides you with the most spectacular and dynamic designs available by carefully selecting the most exceptional one-of-a-kind designs from a variety of firms and professional watch face painters and putting them together in curated collections.

Create your own backdrop for a photograph or watch face.

You may also make your own one-of-a-kind watch faces or photo backgrounds for your Apple Watch by using our robust web-based editor in the browser of your own computer. This editor is extremely user-friendly.

Additionally, Facer is compatible with a wide range of smartwatches. It is therefore compatible with a wide variety of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, as well as other platforms such as Wear OS and Tizen.

With the most recent Marvel movie having just been released, it should come as no surprise that the Black Widow face is now riding high on the Facer rankings. But if you’re searching for something a little bit more creative...

Activity Chrono was inspired by mechanical chronograph timepieces and was developed by an official Apple Architect. It monitors your activity throughout the day with three subdials that each indicate your progress on one of the Apple Watch’s stands, exercise, or move activity rings.

The top emblem will be your initials by default; to modify this, go to ‘clock, “monogram,’ in the watch app on your phone, and either type in new letters or copy and paste in Unicode symbols. The default setting for the top emblem will be your initials.

There are many other units of measurement, however, this example demonstrates:

Your daily steps, your distances (or kilometres). You also have the option to view the calendar in its entirety at once, which will also show you the exact day, weekday, and month. There are three gauges located at the bottom of the instrument. A calorie-counting gauge will be displayed on the left, and a measurement of how much battery life is left on your Apple Watch will be displayed in the middle. Last but not least, your heart rate.

Watchmaker as an Alternative to the Facer 

If you’re looking for an alternative to Facer, you might want to check out Watchmaker, which you can get at They provide you with access to tens of thousands of free Apple Watch Faces as well as the ability to create your own. Watchmaker appears to have a more active marketing stance in comparison to Facer, so you should anticipate seeing more advertisements and more paid-for patterns. However, the quality of the watch faces that are supplied by the Watchmaker is excellent.

New Appearances Coming to OS7 

Apple made available seven new watch faces that could be customised when it released version 7 of its Watch operating system. To create a new face, simply swipe left until you see the word “New” displayed at the bottom of the screen. Now, using the digital crown, go through your available choices and select the one that best suits your needs.

A new tool was added that gives you the ability to share your facial emotions with other people.

Along with the introduction of Watch OS 7, Apple offered seven new watch faces, each of which has its own set of customizable features.

  • Typograph
  • Professional Chronograph
  • GMT
  • Stripes
  • Memoji (including Animoji)
  • Artist
  • Make a tally

How can you change the face of your Apple Watch when using OS7? 

When you contrast Watch OS 6 and Watch OS 7, you’ll see that the user interface has undergone a number of changes in terms of the customization options available. You have the option of customising utilising 3D or haptic touch if you are using OS 6. If you are on OS 7, all you need to do is press and hold the button, and then select “edit” from the menu that displays. Swipe to the left and push to access the feature you would like to personalise, then use the digital crown to select your preferred colour, shape, and complexity, along with anything else your heart could possibly desire.

You may delete a watch face from your Apple Watch by first pushing down on it and then sliding it up. After that, you should hit the “remove” button, and it will be removed.

By pressing and holding on a face, you may bring up the system and locate the share button among the other options there. After that, you have the option of dictating or composing a message, after which you may select a recipient and send the message.


We have opened up a vast range of clock faces for you, and we hope that this makes it easier for you to know where to begin! You may now choose from a wide variety of Apple Watch faces in addition to the limitless customization choices provided by the Facer app.

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