Hands-on with the Garmin Vivosport: a sleek and sporty tracker with GPS

Over the past several days, Garmin has presented the public with three brand-new Vivo devices. Two smartwatches plus a fitness band called the Vivosport, which has GPS and a wrist-based heart rate monitor, The first two devices, which had been leaked ahead of time and were highly anticipated, came as a bit of a surprise. The third device, on the other hand, was something new.

At this year’s IFA in Berlin, the company will demonstrate all three of its products. There is still time for you to come check it out if it happens that you are in the neighborhood. Since the event will wrap up on the 6th of September, there are still some days left. Thanks to our participation in the event, we were able to spend some time with the Vivosport team.

A smartwatch isn’t something that everyone wants to have. With the introduction of the Vivosport, Garmin is appealing to those individuals who favor using a fitness band. It is possible to think of this product as an improved iteration of the company’s already successful Vivosmart 3 and Vivosmart HR+ trackers. Garmin has, in a way, created a totally new fitness band by combining the greatest features of these two previous models with the addition of GPS and a sleek new style.

The Vivosport is a very portable gadget, and its construction is very comparable to that of the Vivosmart 3. The small-to-medium size weighs only 24.1 grams, while the giant size weighs only 27 grams. It is really comfortable to wear and fits quite snugly on your wrist. Its width is only 21 millimeters, and its thickness is only 10.9 millimeters, so you hardly notice that you are wearing it.

The fact that the housing is constructed from fiber-reinforced polymer makes it an excellent choice for use while swimming. The always-on display on the Chroma is not particularly large, but the resolution of 72 by 144 pixels makes it easy to read. If you want more in-depth information, you will need to download the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone. However, it is an excellent tool for providing you with a brief overview of your numbers. In fact, the Garmin Vivosport is the first wrist-worn device the company has ever made that has a color screen.

There are no actual buttons on the device. Swiping your finger across the screen is how you navigate instead.

The Vivosport has some fairly excellent specs under the hood despite having a rather compact physical factor. When it comes to tracking your fitness, it has all the same features as its bigger sibling, the Vivoactive 3, except for some apps for specific sports and Garmin Pay.

Information on steps, calories, distance, heart rate, activity, floors, and sleep are included in a fitness monitoring app’s basic features, so they cover all the bases. Even if you will need to utilize your phone in order to fully read the messages, the alerts on your smartphone will keep you connected to the people who are important to you. Since the time is displayed on the band automatically, you can also use it in place of a watch.

In addition to a global positioning system (GPS), a barometric altimeter, a compass, an accelerometer, and an optical heart rate sensor have been crammed into the device by Garmin. Tracking your mileage, time, and pace during your runs, in addition to mapping out your routes, is much more accurate thanks to the GPS.

The optical heart rate sensor is the same one that is used on Garmin’s other fitness trackers and watches. According to the reviews that we’ve read, its performance is satisfactory. During your workout, the sensor will provide you with detailed heart rate measurements and zone information, and first thing in the morning, it will record your heart rate when you are at rest.

Your VO2Max and fitness age will also be shown on the tracker for your reference. There is monitoring of your stress levels throughout the day, as well as recording of your workouts for those of you who are gym junkies. When the third generation of Vivosmart was released in April, these two new functions made their first appearance.

Naturally, we were unable to put the battery through its paces. However, Garmin claims that a single charge will keep the tracker operational for up to a week, and that it can operate for 8 hours with the GPS turned on. That is an admirable performance.

The new fitness band from Garmin left us with an overall favorable first impression. Considering all of the relevant factors, This is undoubtedly Garmin’s best fitness band to date because it comes equipped with GPS, a heart rate monitor, and everything else that you could possibly want in terms of activity monitoring.

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