Headphones that help you sleep, the Kokoon EEG, are now available for purchase

Kokoon, a company based in London, made the announcement this week that they are releasing their EEG-enabled headphones that will help people sleep.

Sleep problems are becoming more common as a result of modern lifestyles that are increasingly hectic and dependent on technology. These recently released wireless headphones are designed to assist you in your fight against it. Kokoon is constructed of exceptionally comfortable materials and incorporates methods that have been clinically proven to improve sleep quality. In addition to that, the headphones have three different levels of noise-cancelling technology, one of which is white noise.

Because of his struggles with insomnia, the company was launched six years ago. Tim Antos is the founder of the company. In the end, he went to a sleep clinic and participated in a CBT-I programme. There, he learned how to modify the negative thought patterns that were preventing him from enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

“I wanted to make all of this information and all of these wonderful tools that I learned in the sleep clinic more open to the average consumer so that they can use them on their own terms,” she explained.

The headphones come with an app for your smartphone that monitors your sleep cycles and provides you with tactics that were created in collaboration with sleep professionals to assist you in relaxing and falling asleep. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, which was discussed before and is widely regarded as the treatment of choice for insomnia.

Everything is tailored specifically to the individual user. Brainwaves, heart rate, movements, and the surrounding environment are all measured by the EEG sensors. The sound modifies itself as you start to feel more relaxed and eventually fall asleep, first gradually fading out the original content and then substituting it with noise cancellation. This assists you in distancing yourself from the activities occurring in your immediate environment.

Kickstarter was initially used by Kokoon to successfully fund a stunning $1.9 million in order to bring their product to market. Since that occurred in 2015, it is clear that there were setbacks with the project. Nevertheless, the company has started shipping the devices to the 8,400 people who pledged money for them, and anyone can buy the product today.

If you struggle to unwind and get to sleep at night, Kokoon might be something you want to look into. The gadget may also be used as regular headphones, so you can listen to music or audio as usual with it. Because it has a microphone integrated right in, users may also make calls without needing to use their hands.

You may make your purchase of the headphones right now on Amazon.com.

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