Healthy Breakfasts And Other Keys To Eating Healthy In Summer

Eating healthy in summer is possible

Being on vacation and eating healthy is compatible. The key to staying out of line is not breaking your eating habits completely. Take note, these simple guidelines and not abandoning the sport completely will prevent you from throwing away the work and effort of a whole year.

The 5 keys

Don’t skip meals

When summer comes, we tend to neglect our diet. Not having a fixed schedule during the holidays makes us get up late and many times, we skip breakfast. Nutritionists recommend eating 5 times a day and above all, not skipping this meal, which is the most important of the day. In a healthy and balanced breakfast you can not miss dairy, fruits, cereals and protein to have energy throughout the day.

Hydrate continuously

Hydrating frequently is essential in summer, since with the heat we run a greater risk of suffering dehydration. Also, drinking water helps speed up the elimination of toxins. Our recommendation is to drink about two liters of water, but you can also complement the hydration with natural juices, infusions or teas.

Healthy snacks between meals

If you get the bug in the middle of the morning, opt for tomato juice or a natural gazpacho . The tomato is the protagonist of the summer, since it contains a large amount of water and very few calories. For a snack, watermelon or melon will be your allies as they fill up and contain a lot of water. It is important to eat fruit but without overdoing it, since 3 or 4 pieces are enough. If we go over these amounts, we will eat more sugar than necessary.

Reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages or soft drinks

With the arrival of good weather, the terraces fill up, especially on vacation. It is the time of year when we eat out most frequently and go out for a drink almost daily. Due to this increase in social life, it is the season when we drink and snack the most. Our advice is that from time to time you indulge in a straw or a glass of wine, which are the alcoholic beverages that contain the least calories. But reduce consumption to specific occasions, choosing drinks like iced tea or a smoothie instead.

Opt for homemade ice cream

If you are a fan of ice cream and you cannot live without it, our advice is to bet on homemade fruit ice cream. They are the ones that contain the least calories and will make you pass the craving.

If you follow these tips, the summer will pass and your body will not have noticed! Do you want to expand your knowledge about balanced diets? Discover our Health and Nutrition section.

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