Here are ten facts that we have discovered about the Samsung Galaxy Watch

It seems like the next few months are going to be very hectic for us. As the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) draws near, we may anticipate that companies such as Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil, and others will reveal some exciting new products. Google is currently developing a new Pixel watch, and LG is working on two intelligent timepieces. And let’s not overlook the Apple Watch 4, which is anticipated to be released in the month of September.

According to reports, technology giant Samsung is hard at work developing a whole new smartwatch. This will be a follow-up model to the Gear S3, which was introduced in 2016, as well as the Gear Sport, which was introduced in October of last year. The existing range is in severe need of an update, but the time until the new watch is available shouldn’t be too long.

According to the staff over at SamMobile, Samsung has given the smartphone the model number SM-R800 and the codename Galileo for marketing purposes. Regrettably, with the exception of this information, they have not disclosed anything else. But there are other sources that have it.

Everything that we know at this point is as follows:

  1. It’s very obvious that the watch won’t be dubbed the Gear S4, though. Instead of calling it something else, Samsung has decided to call it the Galaxy Watch. Because of this, it will fit in perfectly with the Galaxy products that Samsung already sells.
  2. It is possible that the device will arrive as early as the following month. It is speculated that it will be unveiled on the same day as the Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event, which will take place on August 9 in New York City. It is possible that the early release will give it an advantage over items from other companies that are slated to be released starting in September. There are rumblings that the timepiece has already been approved for sale in Europe, which points to a release in the very near future. The other opportunity for a launch is IFA 2018, which takes place later in the month in Germany.
  3. It is anticipated that the watch will have the same round face design as the S3. However, it is anticipated that the watch will be slimmer and lighter than the S3. Given that the S3 is a fairly stocky beast, achieving this goal shouldn’t prove to be too challenging.
  4. You may anticipate the standard upgrades to both the processor and the RAM.
  5. It would appear that the watch will support LTE connectivity. Because of this, you won’t need to carry your smartphone around with you, but you’ll still be able to receive and respond to text messages and phone calls. The availability of LTE watches has been extremely limited up to this point.
  6. It is also anticipated that the smartwatch will come equipped with improved health and fitness features. Enhanced monitoring of sleep quality is coming to the S Health app, and there may be additional features as well.
  7. There is even mention of blood pressure monitoring in several of the reports. It would appear that the corporation has found a way to obtain readings from the wrist. The new sensor works by beaming polarized light and then sensing the intensity of the dispersed light. This is analogous to the method by which a light sensor may be used to measure a person’s heart rate. If the technology turns out to be accurate, it will mean that you will be able to monitor your blood pressure directly from your smartwatch at any time of the day or night. This is a step forward in competition, as no one else has been able to accomplish this to this point.
  8. We anticipate that the new wearable will come in at least two flavors, with the first being a traditional style and the second being a hardier, more athletic rendition.
  9. The battery capacity of the existing Gear S3 is 380 mAh, but this will be increased to 470 mAh in the next version. It is expected that the current generation watch, with its larger storage and more efficient CPU, will allow you to get an additional day of use out of it.
  10. There is widespread speculation that Samsung will replace its current Tizen operating system with Google’s Wear OS in the near future. Evan Glass, a source with a well-established track record, is the one who spread this rumor. The following was just posted to his Twitter account by him: “Seen on the wrists of Samsung employees: Gear watches running not Tizen but Wear OS.”

There has been no word yet on pricing, but more leaks are expected to appear as August draws closer. We will keep a close eye on the situation and update you as soon as we have any further information.

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