HERE Maps changes to HERE WeGo and brings us a good handful of new features

Map applications are almost essential today. Far have been the tourist maps of the cities or memorizing addresses. Now we just have to write in an app where we want to go and this shows us the address and the fastest way. Although Google Maps is one of the most used, we can not ignore HERE Maps , the Nokia maps application, although now we will know it as HERE WeGo, because HERE Maps is gone forever . We tell you the most significant changes.

The first change is simple, but it is really useful. HERE WeGo adds the possibility of selecting the means of transport through which we want to travel , but without having to do as many steps as before. Now, once we enter the address, it will show us the different routes according to the means we prefer. This function will allow us to know which is the fastest route at a glance and what means of transport we are interested in using for each occasion.

Another novelty is that, thanks to an agreement with Car2Go, we can choose the option of taking a car from a private individual to take us anywhere . It is exactly like Uber, only integrated into the HERE WeGo application itself. It will show us the estimated cost of the trip, the level of gas the car has and some more details about the car. If we like this option, we just have to click on it and, automatically, the application will open for us to hire the trip.

Now we can talk about bicycles. If you are cyclists or you like to use the bike as a means of transport, you will love to know that now it also shows us the elevation of the terrain that will be on our way . That way we can calculate what effort we will have to make to reach our destination. If you are a cyclist, you will know how important this is.

Finally, it should be said that they have added a brighter theme to improve vision and that the address to use the web version will be . In the web version will be available the vast majority of functions that the Android application has. HERE WeGo has already been launched on Android , and the next update you have of the app will take you from HERE Maps to this new version.

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