How To Link Strava and Garmin Connect Using Garmin Connect App?

How To Link Strava and Garmin Connect Using Garmin Connect App?

You have a Garmin watch with a slew of metrics stored in Garmin Connect. Nice. Do you want to learn more? Want to connect with people and find out how they’re doing? Here’s how to get all of this and more by connecting Strava to Garmin. In addition, we provide troubleshooting advice.

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Why are Garmin and Strava linked?

Garmin Connect has evolved over time to become more user-friendly. Whatever statistic you’re looking for, if you dive deep enough, you’ll almost certainly find it. You can use your smartphone to access the service, or you can use the more detailed website dashboard.

Strava accounts are popular among runners and cyclists who use Garmin watches or cycling computers. Strava has a membership of more than 50 million athletes. Every month, one million new people join.

The reasons for having a Strava subscription are a bit of a mixed bag. Some people enjoy the social component, which is fantastic. It allows you to compare yourself to others and to follow their feeds. Then there are individuals that enjoy using the training calendar, analyzing heart rate and power statistics, and other performance indicators.

All forms of sports gain support for Strava fitness objectives, and there’s more.

Most of the time, though, it is the social side that makes people want to create an account. Seeing how your pals are doing and cheering each other on can’t be more inspiring. Professional athletes can even be followed. Their performance statistics should provide you with a goal to strive for.

Finally, suppose you own a Garmin watch but decide to make the inconceivable transition to a Fitbit, Apple, or another brand. Strava will save your workouts, so no matter what device you use, you’ll have a good historical record of all your previous efforts.

Subscriptions of various kinds

Garmin Connect is a free service. All you’ll need is a watch that’s compatible. Strava has two subscription options: freemium and premium. The free subscription includes a limited set of functions (although they’re still helpful), while the premium subscription costs $8 per month or $60 per year.

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A free 30-day premium subscription is available to first-time users. This should allow you to see what the hubbub is all about.

The Garmin app allows you to switch between the two accounts. Make sure you have a Strava account and have downloaded the Strava smartphone app before you begin. Create a freemium or premium account by filling out the form below.

The Garmin Connect app makes connecting the two accounts a breeze. Select the “000” (more) tab on the Garmin app. Select Settings > Partner Apps > Strava from the drop-down menu. The technique will be explained to you.

You’ll provide permission to “Upload your activities from Garmin Connect to Strava” when authorizing accounts. You’ll be given some sync alternatives as well.

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How to sync workouts between Garmin and Strava

The activities (activities) will appear in your Strava feed once you’ve completed them. The first sync will happen only once you’ve linked the two accounts and uploaded your first activity to Garmin.

Be patient as well. The exercises may take a while to sync because three months of data will be transferred from Garmin to Strava. Only 90 days of historical data has been synchronized.

The two services can be disconnected in the same way. Toggle off the permission. You may do this on the Strava website as well.

How to manually upload Garmin workouts to Strava

Knowing how to manually upload activity to Strava is useful. It can be useful if the Garmin servers are unavailable, if an activity does not sync for whatever reason, or if you want to transfer previous data from Garmin to Strava. The operation isn’t nearly as complicated as it appears. Once you’ve done it, you’ll discover it’s a breeze.

Not everyone is aware that your Garmin watch saves all of your prior activity. from the first time you put your watch on and went for a run. You can access a folder on the device that contains all of your data. This article will show you how to manually post these activities to Strava.

The procedure

The first step is to connect one end of the USB charging cable to the watch and the other end to a computer. The watch should be recognised as a flash drive right away. This could take up to a minute. When the watch appears as a folder, open it and go to the “Activity” folder.

You should find a bunch of them depending on how long you’ve had your watch and how active you’ve been.

Here are the FIT activity files. Each one relates to a different run, cycle, or other sort of physical activity. The file’s date indicates when the activity was completed.

The last step is to duplicate all of the missing.

strava the FIT files from that folder. You can upload the files at You don’t have to do each one separately; simply drag and drop numerous files to submit them all at the same time. According to Strava, you can upload up to 25 files at a time.

Another option is to use the dashboard on the Garmin Connect website. Go to the Activities section of the website. When you select an activity, you should see an “Export” link on the page. Then select the.TCX file format, save it to your PC, and submit it to Strava.

Getting rid of Garmin and Strava connectivity troubles

What should you do if your Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava?

When services are down, double-check that both the Garmin and Strava platforms are up and running. On the Garmin status page and the Strava status page, you can accomplish this.

How to sync workouts between Garmin and Strava

Status Page on Strava

If everything appears to be in order but your activities are still not synchronizing, double-check that you’ve read our instructions. If you’ve recently created an account, you’ll need to add a new activity to Garmin Connect before the initial sync will take place.

Is your computer still not working? There’s one more option for you to consider. Disconnect your Strava account from your Garmin account at the Strava settings page, then reconnect the two. The connection will need to be reauthorized.

Don’t be concerned about activity overlap. The Strava software is intelligent enough to avoid loading the same activity twice.

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How can I transfer my Garmin activities from the past to Strava?

After you’ve set up the link, Strava will automatically sync 90 days of previous data. Others will have to be manually uploaded. The procedure is detailed in the preceding section.

If your Garmin is down, here’s how to get your activity into Strava

The Garmin service goes down from time to time. This URL can be used to check the status at any time. The other option is to use Downdetector. Because customers report sync issues in real time, Downdetector often has more accurate connectivity data than Garmin.

Garmin was famously down for about a week in July/August 2020. The corporation was hit by a cyber attack and had to shut down all of its servers while it dealt with the problem. Hopefully, this will not happen again, but problems do occur from time to time. Servers will go down for a few minutes or several hours at a time.

There are two possibilities available to you. One option is to simply wait it out. Sooner or later, the service will be restored. You won’t lose any data because it’s all saved on your watch, so you can rest easy.

You can, however, manually post the activity if you want to do so immediately. Simply upload the file as shown above. Strava uploads a FIT file from a Garmin watch.

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