Hiking Apps to Best Accompany Your Smartwatch

Hiking is among the most rejuvenating activities available. It can, however, be improved with the aid of certain technology. Hiking applications for your watch provide you access to a wealth of data collected while you hike.

Let’s take a closer look at five of the greatest hiking applications available for your smartwatch.


The free AllTrails app has over 50,000 trail guides for biking, hiking, and much more. You can check through the trail database or browse for trailing paths near home, read the user reviews, and add your experience. You can access topographical maps, photographs, and testimonials on AllTrails, and once you’ve selected a route you want to explore, you can save it for offline usage afterward. You can post images you’ve shot along the way while on the trail. You can also make your tracks.

AllTrails is best used with the Garmin Fenix series of GPS watches and the Apple Watch.


ViewRanger is a fantastic GPS trail navigation app with a lot of information in the free edition and many more additional functions in the paid version. Account-holders can get free maps to use offline subsequently. Users can get map data also including USA and USGS Topographical maps with the premium option. If you have your smartphone with you, there’s an augmented reality (AR) skyline viewer which uses your camera to identify peaks, hills, and other areas of interest.

You can choose among 180,000 trails to download. You can go off-grid and explore them provided you download the maps first. A WearOS-compatible app is included with ViewRanger. So you can go hiking knowing your trail is right on your forearm.

ViewRanger necessitates a significant amount of pre-trail preparation, but what would be the damage in being prepared before going on a trail? It allows you to make plans for a future vacation. You can use trail tracking with their BuddyBeacon when you use your GPS function, and this will share your real-time location (confidentially) with your selected companion.

ViewRanger is a fantastic app for the Apple Watch.

Map My Hike

MapMyHike was created by a collaboration between Under Armour and MyFitnessPal, and it uses your GPS to provide a detailed analysis of your hikes, treks, and runs. MapMyHike provides you with automatic feedback dependent on your finished hikes (or other activity) and encourages you to improve your efficiency. Despite its name, MapMyHike is more than just a hiking app. It features hundreds of different activities that you can register for through the app, such as jogging, swimming, and cycling.

The social aspect is what sets this apart. You can interact with other community members, in which you can compete and challenge them to enhance your abilities over time.

This software is free, but there are adverts unless you upgrade to premium. Live-location monitoring is available as an in-app purchase, ensuring that someone is always aware of your whereabouts for your protection. You may also keep track of heart rate zones. The MapMyHike software is excellent on any WearOS device, but it’s especially suitable for the Fitbit Flex 2, Charge 4, and new charge 5.

The application is technically free, but a $5.99 monthly premium subscription unlocks features such as tailored training audio suggestions to keep you inspired along your journey.


Next up, Endomundo, a defunct app, used to be the most social app. Users could track their fitness statistics via the mobile app and website, which was created expressly as a social fitness network focused on motivating people to better their health.

Running routes, calories expended, distance, and heart rate could all be tracked using Endomundo. You could evaluate your training results, and it would consider your opinion and provide suggestions for improvement.

There were free and premium versions of this software, as with the majority of them. The former contains advertisements, while the latter does not and has additional features such as the ability to create your training plan.

Endomundo was available for Samsung Gear and WearOS wearables. 

Concluding Thoughts

Hiking apps are essential for keeping track of your progress on a particular trip and can help you develop your fitness over time. The apps also open up the whole world to you, with numerous maps and trails to explore that you may not have been aware of before.

If those two advantages weren’t enough, you also put loved ones’ anxieties at ease by using the real-time GPS facility on your wrist to track your whereabouts in real-time. They can rapidly locate you if you discover yourself in a difficult circumstance. If you prefer a solitary hike, you may maintain your independence while reducing your risk.

Your smartwatch can simultaneously act as a guide, teacher, fitness tracker, and safety net.

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