Honor Watch GS Pro: Design, Features, Pros and Cons and More

Honor Watch GS Pro: Design, Features, Pros and Cons and More

The Honor Watch GS Pro may be ideal for you if you’re seeking a reliable and proper outdoor watch. It’s meant to last, with a sturdy design and many other features to make your experiences more exciting. Please have a look at our review to learn more about how this watch can help you.

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What Is the Design of Honor Watch GS Pro?

This watch attempts to be recognized when it comes to design! It’s chunky and boldly sits on your arm, causing it difficult to wear with a cuffed shirt. The watch is only 45g, so it won’t wear out your wrist when used regularly despite its larger-than-life design.

Like other Honor watches, this Honor watch comes with a removable Fluororubber strap that is comfortable to wear and breathable against the skin, so you won’t have to take it off all the time. The 1.39-inch screen has a clear, crisp display that is convenient to read and is in full color. You may customize the watch face to fit your taste, and you can use the always-on feature to view the time with no effort.

What are the Features that are Included as Standard?

Not only did this watch complete a series of military testing, but it can also be worn in the water for up to 50 meters. You don’t have to stop and put your watch away when switching from land to water-based activities. This watch was designed to keep you active, and it can manage over a hundred diverse activities!

Tracking is more than just a timer that records your active minutes; it’s also a heart rate monitor, calorie calculator, blood oxygen level meter, and other features. These features are ideal for dedicated sports enthusiasts because they allow you to track your development and drive yourself to achieve new personal records.

This watch includes GPS, so you can trace your routes and view the slopes of the terrain you’ve traversed without having to bring your phone with you. Route Back is a fantastic app that uses GPS to guide you back to your initial point, ensuring that you will never get astray in the great outdoors!

Is the Honor Watch GS Pro a Perfect Fit for Fitness Enthusiasts?

Yes! This watch looks great both inside and outside the gym. You won’t have to change your watch depending on the type of activity you’re performing. There are a variety of typical workouts that you can track daily.

There are 13 different running routines to choose from, ranging from easy to long-distance and usual functions like step counts and sleep tracking. Breathing reminders, SpO2 statistics, and even air pressure estimates are all included on the Honor Watch GS Pro, allowing you to measure your fitness on multiple levels.

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Is it possible to use the Honor Watch GS Pro to stay connected with the rest of the world?

This watch will help you manage your lifestyle by providing weather predictions, audio controls, and notifications to keep you up to date on everything that is going on. We were dismayed to discover that you can’t answer messages from the watch face, which is inconvenient if you’re outside and don’t want to constantly pull out your phone every time someone calls.

What Is the Battery’s Strength?

Honor states that this device’s battery life is roughly 25 days, which is ideal for folks who don’t want to plug in devices continuously. We believe the estimate offered is accurate if you focus on conserving battery life and avoid using GPS mode always.

Even if you use all of the smart functions practically always, you can count on your watch to last a long time. By keeping the GPS off, you should be able to spend an entire outdoor adventure weekend without having to charge your phone. 

The Pros and Cons

We’re here to assist you in discerning whether or not this watch is right for you. We’ve listed the most important benefits and drawbacks below so you can decide whether it’s right for you.


  • The number of exercise modes available is astounding, and it will appeal to anyone who enjoys being active.
  • It’s built to last and will withstand everything life throws at it.
  • Those who enjoy extreme sporting adventures would adore this.
  • Weather, music, and notifications let you stay in touch with what’s going on in your life.
  • The battery life is excellent, lasting up to 25 days before needing to be recharged.


  • It’s somewhat chunky, so it can get in the way while you’re out and about.
  • It’s pretty costly, and as a result, it isolates the mid-range market.
  • Messages can’t be replied to straight from the watch.

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Is the Honor Watch GS Pro worth buying?

The Honor Watch GS Pro was designed for enthusiastic outdoor adventurers searching for a watch with many tracking features. You can rely on it to sustain you through even the most strenuous sports because it is chunky, durable, and dependable.

You’ll be able to focus on fitness more than ever before with so many fitness modes and GPS included. However, we believe that this watch is more aimed toward a niche audience of daredevils who want to maximize the potential of their bodies whenever they have free time. Is the high price tag justified? Yes, if you enjoy working out!

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