How Do Fitbit's Badges and Trophies Feature Motivate You in 2022

How many of us have committed to a workout routine only to find that our motivation quickly waned? We might purchase a fitness tracker, hoping that it will motivate us to lead a healthier lifestyle. When the initial excitement wears off, it can be challenging to maintain the good routines that we had just begun to establish for ourselves. The more activity you track with your Fitbit in terms of steps, distance traveled, floors climbed, weight loss, and any Premium Adventures or Group that challenges you to participate in, the more icon badges you will earn on the app. This reward system is designed to increase your level of motivation.

The Badges: What are they going to do to Motivate You

Seeing your progress tracked in real time is awesome for several reasons. And rather than you having to single-handedly celebrate walking or running milestones, stair climbing triumphs, and distance targets, Fitbit helps you out by paying you. The prize consists of a single symbol. Nevertheless, it is thrilling to see each badge appear on your fitness tracker or phone as you complete challenges. In addition, earning badges and trophies is an excellent technique to motivate yourself to push yourself further throughout each workout and in all of your daily activities.

You could find that earning Fitbit badges encourages you to take long walks with your dog on a daily basis. Or, the prizes may encourage you to go on a hike that is significantly longer the next time you go. In addition, you and your Fitbit Family are able to share Badges and memories with one another simply.

The Motivators Provided by Fitbit

Badges for Daily Steps Completed

Fitbit keeps track of each step you take, and the more you walk, the more badges you’ll be able to earn on the device. Your first badge, the Boat Shoe Badge, is awarded to you after you hit 5,000 steps in a single day; after that, the badges increase in increments of 5,000 steps until you reach 80,000 steps (Futuristic Kicks Badge). Next, badges become available after 90,000 steps (the Rocket Boot Badge), and ultimately, the ultimate Olympian Sandal Badge is unlocked after 100,000 steps.

Badges with a Lifetime Time Limit

These contribute to the overall sum of your lifetime steps total. In addition, as you progress through the program, you will collect badges that will provide you with an estimate of how far you have actually traveled by foot or by running. You must walk the distance equivalent to a marathon in order to obtain the first badge. After that, the number of miles keeps climbing. If you walk the equivalent of the length of the Serengeti (500 miles), the Great Barrier Reef (1,600 miles), the Nile (4,132 miles), or the Great Wall of China in your lifetime, Fitbit will reward you (5,500 miles). After 12,430 kilometers, the final Pole-to-Pole badge can be earned.

Climb Every Day

FitBit hopes that by encouraging you to take the stairs rather than the elevator, you will be able to increase your fitness level. But climb badges are also great for any hikers, everyday walkers, or those with labor-intensive jobs. The altimeter sensor, barometric pressure sensor, and step counter on the tracker work together to determine when you are ascending. This feature allows Daily Climb to function properly when your elevation increases by 10 feet, the fitness tracker on your wrist will register that as a floor climb.

When you have completed ten floors in a 24-hour period, you are awarded your first badge. The next badge is awarded once you’ve climbed 25 stories, and following badges continue to increase in difficulty by 25 until you’ve (amazingly) reached 200 floors. After this point, each badge will rise by 100 until you reach the staggering total of 700 in a single day and get the Rainbow Badge.

Lifetime Climb

Along the same lines as the lifetime distance, the number of floors you climb in total each day will accrue to earn you this badge. When you reach a total of 500 floors ascended in your lifetime, you will earn your first Helicopter Badge. After you have conquered a staggering 35,000 levels, you will be granted the final badge in this category, which is called the Satellite Badge. The Lifetime Climb Badges that FitBit offers can demonstrate to you how, over the course of time, not using the stairs will affect your fitness. They can also help you improve your performance in outdoor sports by allowing you to trek or go on adventures that take you to higher elevations.

Weight Goal

If you are trying to lose weight, you can use your Fitbit to keep track of how far you’ve come in your journey toward your goal. You will earn a badge as soon as you set yourself a weight goal. And another one when you accomplish what you set out to do, in addition to a new badge every time you drop another 5 pounds. No weight loss goal is too lofty for your Fitbit to assist you in accomplishing because the badges offered range all the way up to 200 pounds.

Frequently Requested Answers Regarding Fitbit Badges

How Do I View the Badges on My Fitbit Account

If you want to see the badges you’ve earned, you may do so by opening the Fitbit app on your phone, navigating to your profile, and clicking the “badges” tab. Choose Badge & Trophies from the drop-down menu in the profile section to view the entirety of your collection. The badges that are presented also include an indication of the number of times you have reached that particular achievement. When you click on a certain badge on your Fitbit, the app will inform you why you were awarded it and when you reached the milestone that earned it.

Can I show off my Fitbit Badges to other people

Obtaining certain badges will make you feel inordinately proud of your accomplishments. Therefore, it will be a relief to learn that you may show off your development to the people you care about by sharing these photos with them. If you wish to share one of your badges with someone else, click on the badge you want to share, and a share button will appear at the bottom of the page. You can add a message or a status update and then select the audience for the post. You can share it with the other members of the Fitbit community, or you can send it via email, text message, or post it on your social media accounts so that everyone can see it.

If I forget to put my Fitbit on, will I still be able to earn badges

In the event that you forget to put on your Fitbit, you will be relieved to learn that you are able to manually enter any activity or number of steps into the app so that your hard work is not wasted. Because the creators of Fitbit wanted to guarantee that each step is recorded accurately and fairly, the company has decided not to use all of the data for badges. When you forget your tracker by accident, we understand that this can be a little frustrating for you. Nevertheless, take into account the fact that the majority of Fitbit devices do not require daily charging. You can be confident that you will be able to upload the majority of your workout data without any problems, and be prepared for the badges to start rolling in!

What Are the Benefits of Fitbit Badges

Since you now know everything there is to know about Fitbit badges, including how to earn them and how to share them, you are ready to embark on your trip or mission to collect all of them. These badges aren’t just a fun way to measure your progress; they’re also a simple method to gain some encouragement to improve on your own performance, which is why we believe they’re great. In addition, the nature of the badges is straightforward, making it easier to integrate physical activity into a wider variety of aspects of one’s life.

We think that downloading the free Fitbit app and making use of all of the great workout badges is a relatively inexpensive approach to motivate your whole family to achieve their fitness goals by the year 2022. More physically fit and with an already enthusiastic crowd? The Premium Challenges and Adventures may unquestionably assist you in accomplishing any objective for 2022 while also providing you with the opportunity to learn more.

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