How Do I Set a Photograph As the Current Background on My Galaxy Watch?

Are you interested in learning how to make an image the backdrop of your Galaxy Watch Active display? I’m sure you’re aware of how fun it may be to put your own image on the face of the watch. Because I have experience with Galaxy Watch, I am aware of everything that you are trying to find.

You may add a customized backdrop to your Galaxy Watch using one of 2 distinct ways: either via the watch itself or through the Galaxy Wearable app. Both of these options are available to you.

Importing an image from your cellphone onto your Galaxy Watch is the first step you should do before getting started with the procedure.

Take your pictures from your cellphone and transfer them into Galaxy Watch by following these steps:

  • The Galaxy Wearable application may be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Within the Galaxy Wearable app, scroll all the way down until you reach the option to add material to your wristwatch.
  • After that, choose the Send Pictures option.
  • After that, choose all of the photographs that you want to upload.
  • To finish, choose the Done button.

After the photographs you chose by hand and delivered to your Galaxy Watch, it is time to choose one of the pictures to use as the backdrop on your monitor.

Following is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process of adding a personal photo to the backdrop of your Galaxy Watch Active.

Step 1: Select “My Photos+” from the menu

Long-pressing the display after uploading photographs to the Galaxy Watch allows you to choose My Photos+ from the list of available alternatives. After that, choose the Customize choice from the My Photos+ menu. Following this path will ultimately lead you to the option to Add Pictures.

Step 2: Click the Add Picture button

When you go to the Upload Images area, it should go without saying that you should add photographs; however, you could also swipe left and right on the display to look at the pictures that are already stored on your Galaxy Watch.

As an interesting aside, the watch has the capacity to store up to 20 photographs at once.

Now, touch the Add Photos button; doing so will take you right to the gallery, which is where all of your pictures are stored. After that, choose the image you wish to use as the backdrop, and then tap the OK button.

Step 4: Personalize the Face of your Device

You will now be led to the part where you may customise the face, where you’ll have the opportunity to make the photo seem exactly as you want it to. You may make it appear more interesting by experimenting with the backdrop, colour, and font.

Step 5: “It’s Finished!” 

It is finished. You have done a great job of setting an image from your own collection to serve as the backdrop for the Galaxy Watch Active. Kudos!

The Alternative Path 

The second option is to do it using the Galaxy Wearable application that is officially supported.

To add a backdrop that is completely unique to Galaxy Watch, follow these steps:

  • To begin, locate the Galaxy Wearable application and then install and activate it.
  • Use the left swipe button inside the app to get to the Watch Faces area.
  • Now, scroll all the way down until you reach the Background.
  • Click the Personalize button.
  • Last but not least, the clock display may be customised to reflect your own tastes.

Sum Up

 We hope that you were able to put a customized clock display on your Galaxy Watch Active with the aid of this fast instruction.

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