How Do I Synchronize My Apple Health Account With My Samsung Health Account? Is that even a thing?

The Apple Health app and the Samsung Health app are two of the most popular health applications available today. Both of these apps were created specifically for the Apple Watch and the Samsung Watch.

Apple is known for placing a number of limitations on third-party applications in order to encourage customers to make use of the services that the business offers. However, in this exceptional circumstance, Apple is allowing owners of Samsung watches to exchange data with Apple Health Apps.

This post will teach you how to synchronize Apple Health with Samsung Health, so keep reading if you’re interested.

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Is It Possible To Integrate Data From Samsung Health With Apple Health?

Users are really able to synchronize their Samsung health data with the Apple Health App because of the fact that Samsung Health is one of the very few applications that are supported by Apple Health.

The procedure as a whole is not too complicated, and you can do it quickly and simply by using the settings.

How Do I Synchronize My Apple Health Account With My Samsung Health Account?

You will need to download the Samsung Health and Samsung Gear apps if you possess a Samsung Smartwatch and wish to utilize it in conjunction with an iPhone. Once you have the applications, launch them, and use them to configure your Galaxy Watch using the information provided by the apps. When utilizing the Samsung Gear app, you may also need to create a Samsung account in order to have access to the Galaxy Store.

Following the initial setup of your watch with your iPhone, the next step is to synchronize the data from your Samsung health account with your Apple Health account. Detailed instructions are provided below.

  • Open up the iPhone app.
  • Now go to the settings menu and look for the health subheading.
  • Find the section under “Data Access & Devices” here.
  • Locate the “Samsung Health” app in the following area and choose it using the button.
  • You may now switch on or off the data that you wish to share with Apple Health.

That sums it up well.

When Samsung Health and Apple Health are synchronized, Samsung Health will provide Apple Health information on the number of steps taken and the combined distance covered by walking and running.

For the time being, Samsung only permits these two data sets to be shared with the Apple Watch. However, you may get in touch with Samsung customer service and let them know your concerns if you want your Samsung health to share additional data with Apple.

There is a possibility that Samsung may permit sharing further data with Apple Health in the future, but for the time being, you can only exchange a limited amount of data.

I have a new Samsung Watch, but I have an older one; is it possible to sync the two?

In most cases, it is not necessary for you to manually transfer data from your new Samsung device to the new one. To sync your Samsung health profile with your new smartphone, all you will need to do is connect your new device to the Samsung Health app and follow the on-screen instructions.

It will take some time for the app to sync the data, but as soon as it does, all of the information will be transferred to the new watch.

Is it possible to sync the information from my previous Apple Watch to the new one?

Apple, much like Samsung, does not need the user to actively transmit any of the data. Simply attach your new Apple Watch to your iPhone, and Apple Health will automatically sync the data from your previous watch with the new one. After it has been completely synchronized, you will be able to use the new watch to access it.

Is it possible to pair a Samsung smartphone with an Apple Watch?

You can’t directly use the Apple Watch with a Samsung smartphone since it was created to work in tandem with the iPhone and is thus incompatible with it. Even if you find a solution that partially solves the problem, the Apple Watch still won’t be as useful as it would be with an iPhone.

If you already own a Samsung smartphone, it is highly recommended that you get a Samsung watch or another high-quality Android wristwatch.

Is it Possible to Import Information into Samsung Health?

If you use Strava, you can link it with Samsung Health so that all of your data is synchronized between the two platforms. Users are unable to import data from any other applications into Samsung Health since it does not support this functionality.

What Kind of Rating Does the Samsung Health App Get?

The Samsung Health app is widely considered to be among the very finest health apps currently available, and it is fully compatible with all models of Samsung smartwatches. The application has a friendly user interface in addition to a plethora of additional capabilities, all of which combine to make it an excellent option for Android users.

On top of that, it also comes with a thriving community that is exclusive to the Samsung watch, in which you may compete against other users and get inspiration.

Apple Health vs. Samsung Health: Which Is the Superior Platform?

Apple Health and Samsung Health are two of the greatest smartwatches now available on the market. Both of these smartwatches have their own advantages and disadvantages, which I have outlined in depth in my comparison of Samsung Health vs Apple Health.

On the other hand, if you already use an Apple Watch, you should think about getting Apple Health because of how nicely it integrates with the Apple Watch. In a similar vein, you need to think about using Samsung Health if you already have a Samsung Watch.

Which watch emits more radiation, the Apple Watch or the Samsung Watch?

It is a well-known fact that electronic equipment gives out radiation. However, some electronic devices give off more radiation than others, and this may be detrimental to a person’s health.

Because of this, I analyzed the radiation levels given out by the Samsung Watch and the Apple Health app, and I gave my thoughts on the subject. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, check out my tutorial where I compare the SAR levels of a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, and a Samsung Watch.

Does Samsung Health Keep Tabs on Your Steps Automatically?

The Samsung Health app will only display the information that was collected by either your smartphone or your smartwatch. If you wear a smartwatch that is connected to Samsung Health, then the watch will exchange the data with Samsung Health, and the app will show the data. This is the case if you use a smartwatch.

In a similar vein, if your smartphone monitors the number of steps you take, it will send that information to the Samsung Health app, which will then show the information.

Does Using Samsung Health Require that I Have a Samsung Account?

To make use of the Samsung Health App, you will, in fact, require a Samsung account. If you use a Samsung account with Samsung Health, it will keep a record of your health data, and if you decide to switch your phone or smartwatch in the future, it will be easier to sync the data across the new devices. This is one of the most significant advantages of using a Samsung account with Samsung Health.


That’s all I have to say, guys. You should now be familiar with how to synchronize Apple Health with Samsung Health after reading this article. In addition, I addressed several frequently asked issues pertaining to the subject.

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