How does SEO for Wix work?

How does SEO for Wix work?

Employing SEO techniques for Wix is ??critical to ensuring the success of your website. With them, you increase page reach completely organically. To do this, it is critical to understand Google’s algorithm and value the user experience.

The institutional website is a fundamental piece to consolidate the presence of your brand on the internet. In addition to information about the company’s services and contact data, the portal is for content sharing, a practice that, if well executed, can maximize the scope of the Digital Marketing strategy.

Therefore, it is increasingly common to invest in Content Marketing , a practice that seeks to attract your persona to the page and, little by little, convert it into a customer .

For such an approach to be sustainable, it is paramount to use techniques to optimize page ranking in search engine results , called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this article, we’ll talk about using SEO techniques for Wix , which is a platform focused on website development and management. While reading, you will understand:

  • What is Wix?
  • Why use Wix?
  • How important is SEO to your website?
  • How to optimize SEO for Wix?
  • What are the best SEO tools for Wix?

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What is Wix?

As you already know, the digital transformation that has taken place in recent decades has made the internet a fundamental channel for communication between brands and consumers. However, many entrepreneurs ran into the costs and difficulties involved in running a website. From this demand came Wix .

With over 13 years in the market, Wix is ??a platform designed to simplify website design. The goal was successfully achieved. Simple and intuitive design is one of its key competitive advantages, which has led the tool to reach 150 million users on the planet.

Recently, the platform has been investing heavily in advertising actions , which is increasing its relevance in the market.

Although the Israeli company still does not dominate the largest share of consumers, the number of people wondering: Wix or WordPress? In the next topic, we will list the advantages of the first option. Follow the reading!

Why use Wix?

Well, we already said that Wix stands out for its simplicity of use, right? As such, it becomes a captivating option for companies with no budget available to fund a technical team. Platform management is extremely intuitive, so anyone can run it.

Wix has ready and customizable templates for each website category . If you just want a channel to serve as an online store, for example, just select this option during site creation and change the details you want.

Do not worry about programming. Basically, just drag the mouse to position the page elements. Details such as colors, fonts, and background images can be easily customized to make sure the page aligns with your company’s branding .

Another interesting point is that Wix creates timely backups of the website. That way, if you miss some important information, you can go back to the time of backup, sort of how Apple’s time machine works.

Wix has free and paid plans. In all, the functions are customizable and friendly to the use of SEO, the importance of which we will explain in the next topic.

How important is SEO to your website?

SEO is the acronym for the term Search Engine Optimization, which can be freely translated as Search Engine Optimization. The idea is to fit your pages to Google’s algorithm standards. By doing so, you are more likely to be found by your persona.

This is because Google gives extreme importance to the user experience. Therefore, the search engine selects the options it considers most relevant to rank among the first sites listed on the SERPs (the pages with search results). Among the criteria analyzed are the use of the keyword, the readability of the texts and the authority of the website.

Therefore, using SEO techniques is an organic alternative to maximize the reach of your pages. If you can attract audiences to them, an effective lead capture and nurturing strategy will generate countless sales leads .

How to optimize SEO for Wix?

The first step in optimizing your SEO for Wix is ??to ensure the excellence of the user experience . So make sure you have clean pages, without too much information, that give the reader exactly what they want. In this sense, it is important to cherish the opening time of the site in order to keep the visitor’s attention.

In addition to providing fast and efficient navigation, it is critical to meet the criteria evaluated by the Google algorithm. So make smart use of keywords . These terms are responsible for bringing the visitor to specific content and should therefore be used strategically.

If you use a blog to share your content, include the keyword in important places , such as the opening paragraphs, headings, and subtitles. However, care must be taken not to overdo it. The priority should always be to deliver qualified, natural-looking content.

Another key factor is the optimization of your titles and meta descriptions . They are responsible for briefly summarizing to the Google user what they will find in the content. Wix itself allows the editing of these features, just go to the page settings and click “page SEO”.

Work on off page SEO

So far, we only talk about SEO details that are linked to the structure of your page. However, it is critical that you pay the same attention to off page SEO techniques , which are just as important at ranking time.

Remember that we indicate the authority of the site as one of the factors taken into account by the algorithm? It can be maximized through a strategy of link building . The more websites use links pointing to your content, the greater their reach and authority.

The same logic works for sharing on social networks . If you produce content that is qualified and based on the persona’s interests, chances are that she will share the link with friends and family. The more your content is shared on these networks, the higher your ranking will be.

Enable Site Booster App

Wix has an app store. There you can add apps with the most diverse functions to your website. When we talk about SEO, it is impossible not to recommend using Site Booster .

The tool provides an easy way to list your website on major information channels about internet services such as Google Maps, Yelp, and Yahoo. When activating the app, you will need to answer questions about business location, opening hours and contact forms.

With this data, Site Booster will automatically position your page in these channels and make it easier for the persona to find it. This way, your brand will look even more professional and, better, rank better in search engines.

What are the best SEO tools for Wix?

As much as you use SEO best practices, it’s essential to have tools that help you optimize . That’s why we cite Site Booster, but it’s not the only option in this regard. Next, stay on top of other essential tools in your SEO for Wix.

Answer the Public

The use of keywords is critical to your SEO strategy, this is already clear. It turns out that the high volume of search and content makes the terms extremely disputed. Therefore, the Ranking for very obvious keywords is very difficult to master.

That’s where the long tail keywords come in, which are more complex than the common ones. Less disputed, they are much easier to rank. Answer the Public is a tool that, from a base term, generates dozens of options for long tail terms.


The Ubersuggest is another powerful tool for analyzing keywords. With simple and intuitive interface, you simply choose a keyword for the program to generate a complete report about it.

You can find things like search volume per month, relevance of the term throughout the year, and even the estimated cost of using it on sponsored links. The tool still has a lot of suggestions for related terms.

Finally, Ubersuggest also provides an estimate of the level of difficulty that should be faced in working the keyword , both organic and paid.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is not a specific program for SEO, but if used wisely, can generate valuable insights for strategy. The tool specializes in analyzing the user experience on your website, which is critical to understanding which pages are performing well.

One of the metrics offered by the tool is the bounce rate. It records when a visitor comes to your page through search engines but leaves without interacting with any other session of the website. The act can be a strong indication that your content is not optimized to deliver what the reader wants.

By identifying such a phenomenon, you have the opportunity to tailor your content to the public’s taste or, if appropriate, to use a more accurate keyword.


No marketing strategy is successful without good competition monitoring. After all, knowing what your competitors are doing can generate insights into the practices you should adopt and the ones to avoid.

Through the SERPStat tool this work is made easier. With it, you have access to a list of keywords used by competitors , with a report on their performance. In addition, you find out which pages are generating the most reach for the competing company.

Applying Wix for SEO is an organic way to expand the reach of your website. From this, simply invest in the production of qualified content to create a relationship of trust with the persona. By using SEO strategies, you not only increase the authority of your brand, but also the business opportunities.

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