How much hair do we lose per day?

Autumn is coming and we realize that we are losing more hair than usual ... When should we worry?

In a natural way, our hair is in a continuous regeneration process: the hairs with which we were born are not the ones that will accompany us all our lives, but rather they are renewed: each hair lives from 2 to 6 years and goes through three phases in what known as the capillary life cycle: growth, stagnation and fall. It is a normal process, which is also accentuated in autumn, a time when we lose more hair than usual.

Although it is difficult to give an average figure, it is estimated that a person has about one hundred thousand hairs , and every day we lose 50 to 150 hairs.In addition, during the fall this figure can double and even triple. The question is: how do I know if I am losing more hair than normal? Counting the hairs that we lose every day is quite complicated, so the experts propose a simpler solution: the sign of traction or Sabouraud’s sign: if when pulling the hair, more than two or three hairs are detached, it can be considered that the fall is being more intense than normal.


The specialists at the Dercos Institute, an initiative of Vichy Laboratories, are well aware of the factors associated with alopecia and have been researching its causes and seeking solutions for more than 40 years. It is the first institute of experts to offer comprehensive advice on hair care. On its website you will find very up-to-date information, frequently asked questions, a forum, videos from experts to help you solve your hair questions, product recommendations ...

One of its star products is Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5, Vichy’s first anti-hair loss treatment that helps rebalance the scalp and acts on various factors that cause hair loss. Since alopecia problems are different in each case, Aminexil Clinical 5 offers a specific line for men and another for women. The results are visible after three weeks of application and acts both by slowing down the fall and by reinforcing the root anchorage.

Do you want to know more about hair loss? Visit the website of the Dercos Institute of Vichy Laboratories: you can win a lot of products, ask the experts your questions, and much more!

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