How to bold in WhatsApp

It may not be the most complete instant messaging application that exists - I’m afraid that title is still from Telegram - but WhatsApp has improved, and much, over the last few years when it comes to incorporating useful tools and functions from face users . Without going any further, until a while ago it was not possible to format the text to write messages in bold, italic or underlined , but over time the team behind the app has been introducing both these and other interesting features.

In this specific case, we focus on something that not everyone knows how to do, but that will undoubtedly be useful to everyone on occasion: put bold in WhatsApp. We explain how to do it step by step.

Bold in WhatsApp: how to do it step by step

Writing bold in WhatsApp has been possible for more than two years. It was in March 2016 when the developed company incorporated the possibility of formatting the text of the messages, with the aim of approaching similar services that already had characteristics of this type.

And it is that using bold in WhatsApp messages can be useful on different occasions, although the main reason why the vast majority of users highlight parts of their messages in this way is precisely to highlight as important a part of the text .

Bold in WhatsApp with code

The first of the ways that exist in WhatsApp to put text in bold, is to do it manually through the code that incorporates the application. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Open any WhatsApp conversation.
  • Click on the text entry box to start writing a message.
  • In order to write a word or phrase in bold, you must enter that part of the text between asterisks (*)

A text display in bold appears in the text box , and when you send it, the rest of the members of the conversation will also see it that way. Before sending the text, you must make sure it is as follows:
*Bold Text*

Bold in WhatsApp with Android text selection

Since in WhatsApp it is possible to format the text in several ways, you may not always remember the codes necessary to be able to bold text . Fortunately, there is a faster and easier way to do it, thanks to the native Android selection system. It is done like this:

  • Open any WhatsApp conversation.
  • Click on the text entry box to start writing a message.
  • Type the text of the message.
  • Select the word or phrase you want to bold with a long press.
  • From the drop-down menu that will appear, click on “Bold”.

These are the two ways that exist to write texts and messages in bold in WhatsApp. Both methods can be used on any Android phone, and since this option has been included in the application for more than two years, each and every WhatsApp user around the world can do so without major problems.

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