How to download Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and other alternatives to Office for free

How to download Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and other alternatives to Office for free

Microsoft’s suite is undoubtedly the most popular in most of the world. Among all the Office tools, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are undoubtedly the most used, since every day millions of users edit or create new text documents, spreadsheets or presentations. However, since Microsoft Office tools are not free, some users may not have Word, Excel or Powerpoint on their computers and have problems opening a file that they just received in the mail, for example. Next, we will show how to download Word for free as well as Excel and Powerpoint or how we can use Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint without having to buy them.

Surely many of you have thought that there are a lot of sites on the Internet from where it is possible to download Word for free or a free license that allows us to activate Word, Excel or Powerpoint for free, but the truth is that these methods are not legal . However, there are some ways to get free download Word, Excel or PowerPoint or at least use these Office tools for free on your computer.

Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word for free on your computer

The first option we have to download Excel, PowerPoint or Word for free is to use the trial version that Microsoft offers of Office 365 for free. In this way, we will have a version of Excel, Powerpoint and Word free for 30 days to be able to enjoy these tools on the PC. To get free Excel, PowerPoint and Word through the trial version of Office 365 we just have to go to the Microsoft products page from this same link and click on the button Try 1 month free.

Next, it will ask us to identify ourselves with our Microsoft account and then we will begin the process of downloading Office 365 Home, which we remember we can only use for one month for free. From that moment, if we want to continue using it, we will have to start paying the corresponding monthly price for the subscription .

The next option we have to use Excel, Powerpoint or Word for free is through the Office Online applications. In this case, you only need a web browser and open this same link to the official Microsoft site and click on the links that allow us to go to Word free online, Excel free online or Powerpoint free online. Once this is done, Word online will be opened in the browser and from there we can create and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, make use of free templates or even add certain functions with the free Office add-ins.

If after all we want to buy Office for our team, we can make any of the subscriptions to Office 365, either the Home or Personal version, ranging from 10 euros per month or 99 euros per year or 7 euros per month or € 69 per year respectively or the Office Home and Student 2016 option for PC for 149 euros or Office Home and Student for Mac for the same price.

But if what we want is to be able to create or modify text documents, spreadsheets or presentations without having to buy Office , we can also take advantage of some of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office like the ones mentioned below.

Free alternatives to Office

Although one of the main free alternatives to Office is to use the free online versions, the truth is that these versions do not offer all the functions that we find in the traditional Microsoft suite. Therefore, if we miss this type of functions to be able to create or modify our documents, spreadsheets or presentations, the only thing left is to go to the checkout and buy a license for the office suite or use one of the the free alternatives to Office.


It is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office and one of the most popular since it is clearly inspired by Microsoft’s own tool. Open Office includes different tools specially designed for text processing, creation of tables or spreadsheets, presentations, or management and creation of databases.

In addition, another important feature of this tool is that it is fully compatible with Office files, that is, we can open and edit Word, Excel or Powerpoint files in OpenOffice as normal.


It is free and open source software that emerged as an evolution of OpenOffice and that today is considered by many users the best alternative to Microsoft’s office suite. And it is that it is a powerful office package whose tools offer a very clean and friendly interface as well as offering all the options to be able to create, modify and format our documents, tables or presentations.

Being a free and open source software, the development is open to new talents or ideas, in fact it has a large community of users who test the software every day and propose new functions to incorporate into their tools.

LibreOffice allows you to open documents in .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats and even after modifying them it is possible to save them again in these formats, so we can open and modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations in LibreOffice and Microsoft Office interchangeably without any problem.

WPS Office Free

As in most of these office suites, WPS Office Free consists of a word processor, a tool to create presentations and another program to create tables or spreadsheets. Like the previous mentioned alternatives, it is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

In the free version of WPS Office we can find certain ads when accessing some functions, something that may be annoying for some users but it is what makes it possible for us to access this tool without having to pay for a license previously.

It has certain WPS Office tools such as the tool to edit paragraphs, the Eye Protection mode or its particular Night Mode in addition to all the options and functions of the Office tools, in addition to an interface that is also a bit particular.

Softmaker FreeOffice

Softmaker is another of the most popular office suites when it comes to alternatives to Microsoft Office. A paid software that has its own free version of the package and that we can download from its official website. This program is also fully compatible with files in the .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats, so we can open files created in Word, Excel or Powerpoint without any problem in Softmaker. Furthermore, the program itself is capable of saving the files again in the same format so that later we can open and edit them freely with the Office tools.

Some of the interesting features of the tool is that it offers the possibility of exporting .epub files, it has a thesaurus, formula editor and other functions to edit images.

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