How To Do Free Jail Inmate Search In The United States Of America?

How To Do Free Jail Inmate Search In The United States Of America?

How to do a federal inmate search with pictures for someone in jail in The US?

If you need to find someone in jail, there are several ways you can find them online. The United States government offers simple search tools that allow a quick search with little information on the person. Just go to the website of the General Agency of Prisons or the Department of Correlations of the state, follow a few simple steps and in a few minutes you will be able to find someone in jail without any problem.

Step by Step of the inmate search process to find someone in prison in The United States:

1. Choose according to your criteria, in which type of prison you think the person you are looking for is located. Note that state prisons are those supervised and operated by a state in the country. While federal prisons are controlled by the United States Department of Justice. Another difference is that state prisons are characterized by housing violent criminals, political criminals and white-collar criminals. On the other hand, federal prisons are characterized by having inmates, mostly drug traffickers and political prisoners. Likewise, it has different levels of security such as: low, medium and high depending on the case of the prisoner.

2. Once you have chosen the type of prison, you can find someone in the federal prison through the page of the Federal Bureau of Prisons or go directly to the search link Next, choose what type of search you prefer, whether by record (if you have one) or by name.

If you choose to search using a registration number, the system will ask you to enter one of the following options:

  • BOP register number: general prisoner number in federal jail.
  • DCDC number: inmate identification number in the department of correlations.
  • FBI number: the inmate’s number in the general office of investigations
  • INS number: prisoner’s immigration and naturalization number.

Conversely, if you choose to start the search by name, you will be prompted for full name, race, age, and gender; When you can find the right person, your federal registry will tell you their geographic location and the proposed release date. Please note that this date is not guaranteed.

3. If you did not find the person you were looking for or believe that the person is in state prison, go directly to the website of the Department of Correlations for the state where that person resides. Enter the database of all the prisons in that territory that are in operation, look for the tab “criminal information” and enter the name, state and county where the sentence of that person was imposed.

Finding someone in jail with Inmate Searches is a quick procedure that you can do without having to leave your home on the Internet. In addition, it is enough to have the main data of the detained person so that you can easily locate them and know their situation.

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