How to Link Strava and Nike Run

Strava is an American online program that allows you to use Geolocation to monitor your jogging and cycling, post images from your activities, participate in competitions, connect contacts, and more. It is essential software for every athletics fan.

Nike Run Club, on the other side, is an unrestricted running fitness app. It provides you with access to superstars, expert running trainers, Satellite monitoring, and competitions to help you stay on track.

The most popular and well-known applications for running, bikers, and other sports people are Strava and Nike Run Club. But did you know that you can connect your Nike Run Club information to Strava to improve your exercise knowledge?

Why Should You Link 

These two applications are on almost every individual’s smartphone. Strava is mostly used for riding, whereas Nike Run Club is primarily used for sprinting.

It’s tough to utilise those two applications at the same time since you have to go back and forth in time each second to verify vital information.

Step-by-Step Tutorial 

Step 1: Open n+exporter in your Browser 

Step 2: Install the Extension

Step 3: Link your Nike Account

Step 4: Receive a Magic Token

Step 5: Enter the Token

Step 6: Click to link with Strava

Step 7: Finish off

Other Apps to Link 

  1. SyncMyTracks 

You will have to pay a little price to utilise SyncMyTracks because it is not a complimentary programme. This app may be used in conjunction with Nike Run Club. After you’ve completed the installation, you’ll need to give your Nike run club account to SycnMyTracks.

After you finish your jog, SycnMyTracks will immediately gather information and upload it to Strava. That is all there is to it. SycnMyTracks isn’t flawless, so you could have trouble synchronising it with Strava at instances, but it performs admirably much of the time.

     2. Rungap

Rungap is excellent for folks who have a Nike Run Club and an Apple Watch or iPhone. It is more refined than SycnMyTracks, which means it runs more quickly, but the two programmes are identical.

You must finish your run by logging into your Nike run club on Rungap. Rungap will immediately transfer the data to Strava after you’ve finished. Rungap’s popularity stems from the fact that it is dependable, simple to operate, and completely free.

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