How to make your Amazfit Bip look like an Apple Watch

How to make your Amazfit Bip look like an Apple Watch

There are many who, at this point of the year, have just discovered the Amazfit Bip. This is a smart watch with an unbeatable value for money- , and we can find it for less than 50 euros in practically all Chinese stores. The best part comes with the community behind the clock, which day after day, grows nonstop.

Pages like Amazfitwatchfaces allow us to download different “skins” for our watch, and many of them are inspired by Apple . Although we can have our more and our less with the boys of Cupertino, we must admit that the Apple Watch is a work of art , and if we can “get one” for 50 euros, better than better. Come on, then, to show you how you can turn the Amazfit Bip into an Apple Watch , in a few minutes.

First, let’s change the belt

First, we must change the simple strap that comes with our watch, for something more sporty and “inspired” by Apple. On Aliexpress you can buy it , for just over 3 euros. This strap breathes more, and dries earlier if you are one of those who shower with the watch or sweat a lot .

Changing the strap is extremely easy. You just have to remove it and replace it with the other , no tools or knowledge are needed. Just take off your watch and turn it over. You will see a small notch with which you can remove the straps and put them back, children play.

The second, let’s change the watchface

In Amazfitwatchfaces you have a search engine, in which if you write “Apple”, everything you want will appear. Apple watchfaces in collaboration with Nike, and virtually all of the Apple Watch, replicated perfectly . We recommend downloading those with black tones. The Amazfit has an electronic ink screen, in which blacks feel a real scandal.

Once you have downloaded the WF in .bin format, an application is required to install it. In my case, I use GadgetBridge , for its installer with bin file recognition . What does this mean? That you can configure that every time you click on a bin file, the application installer opens.

Ready! We have changed the interface and the physical appearance of the clock, in just a few minutes. Obviously, the Amazfit Bip is not an Apple Watch , since they are not intended for the same. However, for all those who love Apple watch design, being able to get it for a few hundred euros less is not a bad idea.

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