How to pass photos from your iPhone to your Android

If you are thinking of changing your iPhone for an Android device and do not know how to transfer the photos from one terminal to another, do not worry that with the help of the article published by our partners in Android Central we bring you the solution.

It is very typical that you change terminals and you go crazy with how to move your things from one device to another without having to get very dizzy. We can resort to pass our content to the computer and then to the new terminal or use Bluetooth, but that is cumbersome and takes a long time. The solution that we bring here is much simpler and is called Google Photos .

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android with Google Photos

1) The first step begins with the download of Google Photos in the App Store .

2) Enter the application and tap “Start . 

3) When you ask us if we allow Google Photos to access our images , we must press “Accept”.

4) It will give us the option to make a backup of our photos . Here we will choose what we want each and continue forward.

5) Next we will have to choose whether to save our photos in “high quality” or “original” mode. If we choose the first option our photos will be reduced in sizes (16 megapixels) and we will have unlimited storage . If we choose to save them in their original format they will not be modified and we will use Google Drive storage (15 GB).

6) The next step will be for the choice of whether we want to receive notifications when someone shares images with us or not. Again it is something to suit the consumer.

Once all this is done, the rest of the work is left to Google Photos . The application itself will automatically synchronize our photo gallery. With this we can access our images from our new Android terminal or almost any device that has a WiFi connection.

Now, remember that the synchronization is not immediate , that is, the images are files that weigh a lot and we usually have many on our mobiles so it will take a bit of the synchronization process by Google Photos. By this I mean that you do not intend to carry out the process and run to enjoy your photos in the new terminal because you have to have some patience.

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