How to print from your mobile with WiFi or Bluetooth

Thanks to our smartphone we can do many different things, but sometimes we don’t get the most out of it . We have a huge number of applications and services at our disposal and today we bring you some for you to know.

Did you know that you can print all kinds of documents using only your smartphone? No cables or computers in between, thanks to the WiFi connection and Bluetooth you won’t have to worry. We tell you how to print documents directly from your mobile .

Google Cloud Print

You probably didn’t know, but Google has its own tool so we can print from our Android. But will I need a current printer that can connect to the internet? Thanks to Cloud Print no, since you can use the application with both a classic and a more modern printer .

If your printer has the possibility of printing from the cloud, you just have to select the option and find your model . Cloud Print will be responsible for connecting to your printer so they can understand each other without wires.

However, you may not have a recent device, which is why the Google service gives us another way . In the event that your printer already has some years behind it:

  • Enter Google Chrome
  • Type and search for “chrome: // devices”
  • Click on the Add printers option . If yours is connected by cable to your PC it will be saved in Cloud Print, associating with your Google account.

Now that your printer is connected, whatever the type, it is time to control it from your smartphone. To do this you need to download the Cloud Print application , where you can find all your files. Select the one you want to print, adjust some factors such as the number of pages or the color, and choose the device with which you want to print it. As simple as that.

Google Play | Cloud print

Manufacturer’s own applications

Another way to print documents using your mobile is to download the manufacturers’ own applications . Today almost any printer you buy will have an internet connection and will be compatible with an Android application. If this is not the case, it can also be done using NFC and Bluetooth.

HP has its own , also Brother , Epson , Canon and even Samsung . With most of them you can also scan documents , so you will not miss anything.

Whatever your path or your device, printing from your Android is very easy if you follow our advice. Forget cables and computers in between , from now on you can scan and print your files with a few touches on your mobile.

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