How to proceed if your Fitbit Inspire 2 Won't come out of its Charging Case? Water Lock

How to proceed if your Fitbit Inspire 2 Won't come out of its Charging Case? Water Lock

The Inspire 2 is a very functional but compact fitness tracker. It is an excellent choice for those who like traditional analogue watches more than digital ones and those who want understated accessories on their wrists. However, just like anything else, it has its flaws. In this post, we will give answers to some of the most prevalent questions about water locks.

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The wearable device provides adequate monitoring of the user’s fitness level around the clock and makes use of the proven and true software environment provided by Fitbit. In addition to having an optical heart rate tracker on board, it also has a three-axis accelerometer, which allows it to provide all the essential metrics for tracking your health and activity levels.

In addition to all of this, the device has a sleek design that is resistant to water, it has a reasonable amount of battery life, and it is not prohibitively expensive. It is likely one of the Fitbit trackers that offers the most value for the money.

What exactly is the Fitbit Inspire 2 Water Lock, though?

The Inspire 2 has a rating of 5 ATM for its resistance to water. This ensures that it is completely risk-free to use when swimming since it can withstand being submerged to a depth of fifty meters. In point of fact, swimming is only one of twenty different sports that the Inspire 2 is able to keep tabs on.

It is expected that the automated activity detection will start working as soon as you jump into the pool. The gadget will keep track of how long you’ve been swimming, but it won’t have access to the more complex swim metrics that are available on other Fitbit devices. Having said that, you will get credit for your activity as well as information such as the number of laps that you have completed. Within the options, you have the option of customizing the length of the pool.

One important detail to keep in mind is the water lock function. When you begin swimming, this feature ought to activate on its own, whether it does so via automatic identification or because you initiate a swim session using the Exercise app. The Fitbit will not monitor your swim session if the Water Lock feature has not been activated on the device. Therefore, one option is for you to turn it on by yourself.

To avoid the buttons on the Inspire 2 being accidentally pressed while you are using the device, you should also turn on the Water Lock option before getting into the tub or shower. The function, in its most basic form, locks the screen and the buttons, leaving them inoperable. You will continue to receive information, alerts, notifications, and other similar messages, but you will be unable to interact with anything until the Water Lock function is disabled.

To turn the water lock on manually, press and hold the buttons on the Inspire 2 controller. After that, choose the Water Lock Icon from the menu. It has the appearance of a water droplet on a dark backdrop. Finally, in order to activate the function, firmly press or touch the screen twice with two separate fingers. On the screen, there should be a padlock being locked. To turn it off, forcefully double-tap anywhere on the screen once more.

Suggestions for addressing problems

My Fitbit Inspire 2 won’t unstuck itself from the water lock.

Although the directions seem to be straightforward, there is no guarantee that everything will proceed according to plan. It’s possible that you’ll find yourself tinkering with the screen and typing away with no reaction at all. The Water Lock functionality just won’t leave us alone, it seems. Even the display of the screen itself might disappear at times.

This seems to be a widespread problem with the tracker, suggesting that it may be a hardware flaw. If nothing else, take solace in the fact that you are not the only one going through this. It seems that there is a problem with the sensitivity of the tap.

One possible option would be to continue tapping forcefully. Although it is not ideal, the gadget should eventually be able to escape the water lock when some time has passed. Tap the surface in a variety of different ways.

If this doesn’t work, the last thing you want to do is pound even harder on the surface with your hand. It is possible that the internals will be damaged.

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Alternative solutions

You have a few options to consider in this particular scenario. According to the accounts of some customers, the Inspire 2 automatically recognizes that it is “not in the water anymore” when the user connects it to the charger and plugs it in. Also, this will affect the state of the lock.

Syncing and changing the face of the clock may also be accomplished with the help of an app for smartphones. In addition, this brings it back to life. After that, you are able to return to the previous watch face.

The third and last option is to do the double tap, as you usually would, and then pinch the edges of the screen for a few seconds. This will allow you to see the time. This has been proven effective for a large number of people, and it is even included in the instructions for the device.

It is my sincere wish that one of these three options will be successful for you. They are preferable to the full-on double palm smack that some individuals have the tendency to resort to.

My Fitbit Inspire 2 won’t unstuck itself from the water lock.

Another problem that has been noticed is that the water lock will sometimes stay operational even though there is no apparent need for it to do so. The device will ask you again whether you want to use the Water Lock feature. Some people report that it occurs between 10 and 15 times a day, which is both bothersome and harmful to their battery life.

One of the people that moderates the Fitbit Forum recommends that you either wear your Inspire 2 higher on your wrist or make it a little looser on your wrist. Additionally, try activating the Button Lock feature via the Settings app. If this works as intended, the buttons on your tracker won’t be able to be activated even while the screen is off.

The disadvantage of enabling button lock, on the other hand, is that it prohibits you from doing anything with the tracker. Experimenting with different ways to carry the tracker is thus something we recommend you do. Additionally, you need to restart the Inspire 2 software. That could be of some use.

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It is not possible to disable the water lock function, which is unfortunate. You are free to vote on the concept and provide feedback at any time if you would want this feature to be included in a future version of the program.

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