How to remove any application from your Android mobile without root

Surely, more than once and more than twice you wanted to uninstall an application and you could not . Well, this is because manufacturers install some applications in the system that cannot be removed easily, and can only be disabled from the settings - or so they want to make us believe.

However, there is a method to remove any application from your mobile without root , since there are many users who refuse to give super terminal permissions to their terminal.

Removing applications without root

The first thing you need is to have USB debugging on your terminal activated . This is activated in the phone settings, information about the phone, build number. Press this compilation number section 7 times and you will have access to the development options if you go back one step. In these development options we will activate USB debugging.

The second thing we will do is download the App Inspector application . With it, you will know what the exact location in the system of each application is , something that will be necessary later. Now, you have to download these two files, they are necessary drivers to perform the process.

  • Google USB Drivers
  • ADB Drivers

Now comes one of the most important parts. On your computer, open a CMD . Simply type CMD in the Windows search engine, and run it with administrator permissions. We continue, so pay attention to these steps.

  • Connect your mobile to the computer and type ADB Devices
  • List of devices attached should appear , and a number that identifies your phone
  • Now, write ADB Shell
  • Then write, pm list packages | grep ‘name of the manufacturer of your mobile’

Now, you will get a list of packages that contain your mobile applications . Look at the names of each package to find out which application they correspond to, remember that with App Inspector you had to previously look at the apps you wanted to delete. Once you know the package you want to delete, write the following.

  • pm uninstall -k –user 0 ‘package name’. Do not write package , only what comes next. (Before the user go two scripts)
  • Ready

As you can see, it is quite simple to carry out this process. Be very careful with what you delete, since there are certain system applications that are really necessary , and your phone may end badly if you delete what you should not have deleted. This method is very useful especially for those ROMs that are loaded with bloatware from the manufacturer and that we cannot uninstall on a regular basis.

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