How to Retrieve a Forgotten Passcode on a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Easy Steps)

Looking for a way to retrieve your forgotten pin on your Samsung Galaxy Watch?

There is no way.

It is not possible to retrieve the Personal Identification Number (PIN) from any Samsung Galaxy Watch on the market if you have previously forgotten it. This in no way precludes the possibility of unlocking your Galaxy watch.

To do this, one has to go through a number of steps.

Resetting the watch to its factory settings is essentially what has to be done. If you have forgotten the password to your smartwatch, this is the only method that will allow you to log in.

Read this tutorial all the way through if you are not familiar with how to do a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The following models of Samsung smartwatches may use this update successfully:

  • Galaxy Watch (Both LTE and Bluetooth)
  • Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Both LTE and Bluetooth)
  • Galaxy Watch 3 (Both LTE and Bluetooth)

Warning: Before you begin, please make sure you have thoroughly read all of the procedures in order to prevent making any kind of error (Highly Recommended)

How Can I Retrieve My Forgotten Pin on My Samsung Galaxy Watch? 

NOTE – Resetting All of the stuff, including preferences, media, data, and so on, will be removed from your Galaxy Watch. It’s up to you how you choose to handle it.

Step 1: power off and restart your smartwatch

First, make sure the smartwatch is turned off. Next, press and keep holding the Reset key until the screen displays the message “rebooting.”

Step 2: Pick One of the Available Recovery Methods 

After that, you need to go to Recovery by holding down the Power key and pushing it 3 times until the Select restart mode screen appears. After that, you may exit Recovery by hitting the Power key once again.

Step 3: Have some patience while your smartwatch is being set up. 

While holding down the Power button, choose the Recovery menu option, and then wait for your smartwatch to finish configuring itself.

Step 4: Setting Up

The next step is to wait while your wristwatch is being reset. During this step, the system will delete all of the information that is stored on the smartwatch, including any passwords, apps, or music that may be on it.

In a nutshell, the settings of your Galaxy watch are being reset to their factory defaults. In most cases, a significant amount of time is required, so be patient.

Step 5: The Reset is Finished 

The procedure of factory restoring your Samsung Galaxy watch will be finished in a short amount of time when the wait is done. And your smartwatch is activating just as smoothly as it did before.

Step 6: Activate Everything from the Ground Up

You are now prepared to continue moving forward. To get started, you just only swipe up.

The final step in the setup process is to pair the smartphone.

You will need to go through the process of setting up your smartwatch once more. To configure, you will go through the same old procedure that you had to go through when you initially rebooted your computer.

Step 7: “It’s Done!” 

You have successfully logged back into your device. Therefore, here is the procedure to follow in order to delete a lost passcode or PIN from your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

Wrap Things up 

Performing a factory reset on your watch will, without a doubt, remove all material, including preferences, media, information, and anything else that is particular to you. It’s possible that doing so may crush your heart, but this is the only option to get your Galaxy Watch back.

The methods that were just described cannot possibly damage your operating system in any way. This merely reboots your watch as you would do when you first get it after purchasing it, resetting all of the settings to the factory defaults.

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