How to scan photos with your mobile

Almost everyone today has photos printed on paper photographed by analog cameras, either portraits of our grandparents or photos of when we were little. Today, we tell you how you can digitize them .

Indeed, in the era of digitalization, having a method at hand to transfer our old photos to digital is vital, especially if we do not have the negatives or if we do not want to leave even one euro .

How to use Google PhotoScan to scan photos

It is Google who has not presented us with Google PhotoScan 4 monthsago, the best mobile tool to digitize photographs in a fast, efficient and most important way: free . Here we tell you in detail how to use it.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that PhotoScan is an app that makes in general terms “a photograph” of the photograph to be scanned, that is, it could be considered that the camera of your mobile phone is a conditioning factor of the quality of the scanned photo .

Even so, his method is not only limited to taking a photo of a photo, but goes beyond. Specifically, PhotoScan will ask us to make up to 4 photos of the same photo , each of them marked by a dot.

All photographic papers are reflective, that is, they reflect the light at one point. That is why PhotoScan takes 4 photos: each point means a flash, so that the final photo is the result of joining the 4 photographs without any flash.

The final result could even be compared to a greater or lesser extent than that of a copy shop, with the difference that we do not spend a penny and that it does not take even 2 minutes. In addition, the app allows us to readjust the corners, just in case the adjustment of the 4 points has not been done correctly .

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