How to share a friend's Instagram Story in your own Story

Until not long ago, in order to share stories from other people on Instagram, on our own , it was necessary to use applications such as Regram or Repost. Fortunately, the company behind the social network decided to listen to their community and integrate this function , thus eliminating the need to resort to third-party applications.

Thus, it is now possible to share the content of the Stories of the rest of the user in our Stories . And while the process is not as simple as retuiting on Twitter or sharing a Facebook post, just follow a few simple steps to do so.

Share Stories from other users on your own Stories

The possibility of sharing Stories of our friends has been active since August 2018, and therefore by now it should be operational for all users of the social network. Of course, this option has an important limitation , since it will only be possible to share those Stories in which ** we have been mentioned, as specified in the support page of the social network .

Once we are notified about a Story in which we have been mentioned, just access it through the direct message tray, and click on the blue text that indicates Add content to your Story . Thus, the publication screen of a new Story will appear with the content that we are going to share, and that can be edited as if it were any other Story.

Finally, just click on the “Send” button to share the content in our History. When viewing it, the image will appear surrounded by a box that indicates that the History has been shared from the profile of another user, whose name and photo will also be included.

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