How to subscribe, listen and download podcasts on iVoox for Android

Podcasts have aroused so much interest in recent years that even Google has been interested in creating its own app, Google Podcasts, where you can subscribe, listen and download the podcasts you like best. The figures starring this industry cannot be taken lightly, as it is expected to generate up to 1 billion revenues by 2021, according to La Vanguardia .

Much of the consumption of these audio files is done through mobile phones, being able to choose between the 8 best podcast apps for Android . Pocket Casts is one of the most prominent, but you should also consider others such as iVoox, where you can subscribe, listen and download podcasts in a very simple way.

How to subscribe, listen and download podcasts on iVoox

More than 5 million users have already relied on the operation of iVoox, a podcast app for Android that you can easily download from the Play Store. Upon entering, the application will ask you for your favorite genres and use that information to show you the first podcasts that may interest you.

Play Store - iVoox

Once inside the main screen, you can listen to some of the programs that the app recommends or search for others that you already know, such as our Connecting, the Android podcast in Spanish . Enter the Search tab in the bottom bar of the screen, and enter the name of the program you want to find in the text bar.

When you search, you will get results related to the words you have written. In this case, Connecting appears among the first podcasts, click on it to enter the main screen of the same and know all its information.

One of the best functions of iVoox is to inform you of the latest news of your favorite podcasts. To do this, you must first subscribe to the program in question. As you can see in the image above, just above the podcast information you will find the Subscribe button , which, as its name implies, is used to activate the subscription to the channel.

After subscribing and making sure that you will not miss any of their news, it is time to listen to the episodes published by the podcast. In the Audios tab of the program you can find all the available episodes, just click on the one that interests you to enter its own screen.

That’s where you’ll find the episode description and the play and download buttons, located at the bottom. If you click on the first one, the podcast will start and the usual playback bar will appear below in the audiovisual content apps.

Clicking on that bar means entering a full screen with all the buttons you can use during playback: stop, advance 30 seconds, delay 10 seconds, etc. Represented with a cloud and an arrow appears the download button, which you must click to start the process and it will be activated to indicate that this episode is already on your device.

Accessing all the downloads you are doing is simple, you just have to enter My iVoox from the bottom bar of the screen. In the Downloads tab you will find all the episodes you have downloaded and in History you can check the audios you have heard so far.

As expected, in Lists you can organize the content that you like, although you will have to register to save your favorite podcasts . If you want to find new content, you can always use the popular lists that the app recommends.

It’s hard to get bored if iVoox is on your phone: you can listen to podcasts while you exercise, while cleaning the house or before bedtime . All in a simple way, you have already been able to verify that subscribing, listening and downloading podcasts on iVoox does not keep any mystery.

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